Motor Trend Drives the 2011 Lexus IS F

2011 Lexus IS F

Peter Lyons recently had some track time with the 2011 Lexus IS F, and talks up the changes in the new model year quite nicely:

Although the powertrain and the car’s 3800-lb curb weight remain the same, the suspension settings have been totally recalibrated…An unexpected byproduct of this revision is the car’s more compliant ride, which Yaguchi says “was a bonus but something we aimed for.” Adjustments to the steering power-assist mechanism made for more precise and accurate turn-in as well as greater feedback through the wheel.

The results are that the 2011 IS F can now be pushed even harder into corners; it stays more composed under heavy braking, at turn-in, and while experiencing changes of road camber and elevation. The IS F also exhibits less understeer and more rear wheel grip and stability. In fact, the rear end is now so tied down that a slight enhancement of front-end downforce might generate even greater all-round traction and stability.

These subtle adjustments make a significant difference — according to Lyons, the 2011 IS F tracked around Fuji Speedway almost two seconds faster than the previous model.

There’s a number of other minor details — check out the full article for a complete breakdown.

[Source: Motor Trend]


  • Eljay

    The relentless pursuit of perfection continues to pay off. I want that car so badly !

  • WorldofLuxury


  • SK

    Does this mean it is 4 seconds faster around Fuji than when it 1st came out. I remember that when they 1st added the mechanical LSD it was 2 seconds faster than the original. And now 2 seconds faster again, awesome!

  • http://TLE Shane

    I really like the IS-F and it is good to see Lexus continued developing the car. I imagine the next generation should be an extremely good machine.

  • seal

    As i’ve already told 2 weeks ago 3 ct200h will be in Paris!

    And i have some FINAL starting prices for Europe:

    Slovakia, Starting Price : 27 900 € (this is official)
    Germany, Starting Price : 26 800 € (this is official)

  • Eljay

    Does anybody know if this wheel design was intended as an homage to Hayashi Racing’s Sakura wheels,or am I just imagining the similarity?
    Your text to link here…