Lexus LFA & Toyota 2000GT Meet in Germany

While one white Lexus LFA was doing donuts in Japan, another white LFA made an appearance at the Classic Days Motorfestival in Schloss Dyck, Germany, where it met face to face with its one true predecessor — the Toyota 2000GT.

Auto journalist Richard Meaden did us all a favor and posted a photo to Twitter:

Lexus LFA & Toyota 2000GT

Lexus UK’s Scott Brownlee also posted an image of the LFA posing with yet another 2000GT (there were eight in total at the event):

Lexus LFA with Toyota 2000GT

Just fantastic.

Update: Here’s a video from the event:


  • WorldofLuxury

    Beautiful… I still have the picture of the matte black LFA and white 2000GT playing on my desktop background.

    Now about the SC…

  • WorldofLuxury

    We should fund this little event for us enthusiasts to meet up with a few Lexus officials and take a look at past vehicles, the current lineup, the exclusive, and the working projects!

  • RDS

    Although Toyota 2000GTY is a very old car ,
    but the roof still have the design to help aerodynamic .

  • WorldofLuxury

    HERE’S A TRIVIA! The LFA on a VERY WET Top Gear test track is right on the tail of the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano on a DRY Top Gear test track!!!

  • RollaXRS


    LFA would have lapped easily 4 seconds quicker in the dry since Stig was lifting off the throttle a lot to keep the oversteer in check.

    1:18.9 would have put it faster than any production supercar so far.

  • krew

    WorldofLuxury wrote:We should fund this little event for us enthusiasts to meet up with a few Lexus officials and take a look at past vehicles, the current lineup, the exclusive, and the working projects!

    It’s really too bad that the majority of autoshow space is devoted to new models — I think the LFA and one of these 2000GTs should go on a worldwide tour.

  • krew

    Updated the article to include a video from the event.

  • krew

    @RollaXRS: I’m still holding out hope that the LFA will get another chance on the Top Gear track. Maybe once production starts (though I doubt it). :`-(

  • WorldofLuxury

    @krew: PUAAHHAHAHA That single reverse light is hilarious! Europeans…

  • Ernesto

    Acabo de ver que el LFA solo tiene una luz de marcha atrás a la derecha. ¿Y la de la izquierda, no funcionaba? ¿o es que ahí está la luz de niebla?

    Si es así es de auténtica CHAPUZA para un vehículo de ese importe.

    ¿Es que el presupuesto no daba para 2 luces de marcha atrás y otra 2 luces de niebla?

    Tanto hablar de seguridad ¿para qué?:-(:-(:-(

  • krew

    Regarding the single reverse light, this is what I’ve been told:

    …those produced for North America and the Middle East have two back-up lamps in the lower section of the rear bumper, while LFAs produced for Europe have either one or two back-up lamps depending on their final destination and whether it is a right-hand or left-hand drive. If only one back-up lamp, the other lamp is a rear fog lamp.

    In spanish:

    … Los producidos en América del Norte y Oriente Medio tienen dos lámparas de back-up en la parte inferior del parachoques trasero, mientras que las zonas desfavorecidas para Europa han producido una o dos lámparas de back-up en función de su destino final y si es uno de la derecha o izquierda-ROM. Si sólo una lámpara de back-up, la otra luz es una luz antiniebla trasera.

  • Ernesto


    Me sorprende su comentario. Mi RX 450h tiene 2 lues de niebla traseras, así como otros modelos de Lexus y Toyota, además de muchos de la competencia que se venden en Europa ¿por qué hay discriminación con Europa, por reducción de costes?

    Creo que con un elemento tan importante para la seguridad, como la iluminación, no se debería jugar.

    Muchas luces de xenon direccinables y cada vez con mas funciones y solo una luz trasera para la marcha atrás y otra para niebla. ¡ridículo e inaceptable!

    Se están cargando “The pursuit of perfection”