Lexus LFA Sets Goodwood Circuit Track Record

As it turns out, Dutch magazine Autoweek set a new Goodwood Circuit track record with the Lexus LFA a couple weeks back — here’s the footage of the lap:

According to Fastestlaps, the LFA ran the track at 1:24.8 — almost 3 seconds faster than the second place Nissan GT-R at 1:27.70. Even more impressive? In a previous video, we saw the LFA compete the Circuit in 1:27.65, which means the Lexus supercar actually takes the top two spots.

[Via: Club Lexus]


  • WorldofLuxury


    Dang… the number 3 and 6 has been haunting me since that Top Gear episode. lol

  • LFAaddict

    Wow. Top Gear really needs to compare this to the 458 Italia and set a new dry track time.

  • Lexusluver

    I’d expect the LFA to very well on the Top Gear track, like Goodwood, it has plenty of straights to take advantage of.

  • WorldofLuxury

    The LFA has very interesting side windows.

  • primatives
  • WorldofLuxury

    @WorldofLuxury: Nvm. Just remembered that the LFA side windows don’t have frames.