Lexus Chief Test Driver Hiromu Naruse Dies in LFA Crash

Lexus LFA Nürburgring Car Crash

German newspaper Rhein-Zeitung is reporting that the Lexus LFA Nürburgring edition featured yesterday has been involved in a serious crash with another car.

Details are still emerging and nothing has been confirmed, but it’s believed that Toyota Chief test driver Hiromu Naruse was behind the wheel, and that both the driver and passenger in the LFA were killed. The driver of the other car, along with a passenger, are both in critical condition.

Here’s video from the crash site:

Update: The New York Times has confirmed that the LFA driver was indeed Hiromu Naruse. My deepest condolences to the Naruse family and everyone at Toyota. A tragic and devastating loss.

Update 2: After reading a number of conflicting reports, I’ve verified that there was no passenger in the LFA.

[Source: Rhein-Zeitung]


  • Lexusluver

    Very sad. This man is said to have more hours on Nurburgring than any other Japanese. I guess he felt at home and let his guard down. I read the LFA also had a passenger who was killed and police are reporting that Naruse veered into the BMW driver’s lane causing the head on collision.

  • Joshd

    Very sad :(

  • WorldofLuxury

    wow… just like that…

  • LFAaddict

    Oh God that’s tragic. RIP Mr. Naruse..:-(

  • Jose

    What horrible news, we always leave the best. Ove Andersson first and now Hiromu Naruse. We have the consolation of the legacy he left. My condolences to his family and the TOYOTA family
    Requiescat in pace

  • Humberto Patricio

    My condolences to MR. Naruse family! Rest in Peace MR. Naruse!! :(

  • Travis

    What a sad day in the life of Toyota/lexus…… :`-(

    He will always be remembered for one of the great enthusiast ever to grace this world. He dead doing what he loved….he died in something he loved I don’t see a better way for him to go out. I always wondered who will crash the first LFA….just never thought it would be the guy who created it…

    You can rest in peace now knowing you have down so much good for Toyota and you will always be missed. You lived a life worthy of a trophy. :-(

    This is so freaking sad….its all I can think about.

  • Travis
  • jesseps


    This is not good news for Lexus. First LFA wrecked and they die.

    I hope there is more to this story soon.

  • Rusty

    Besides the legendary 2000GT
    The first Japanese sports car icon
    The LF-A wouldn’t be as great as it is
    Without his input and feedback
    I’m sure many of the millions of miles of testing
    Spanning 3 continents
    Were logged by the dearly departed Hiromu

    He obviously cannot be replaced
    The company has lost a true legend

    Thank you for making Toyota
    And Lexus
    The best they could be
    The automotive community lost an icon today

    RIP Hiromu:`-(

  • RDS

    Very sad about that … :(

  • LFAaddict

    I hope this is just a prototype thing, but I don’t seem to see any airbags in the LFA. The BMW on the other hand looks like a marshmallow blew up inside it. It makes me sad to think he could have lived if the car had them…God rest his soul though.

  • alex_saldanha

    Rest in Peace Mr. Hiromu Naruse.
    At first I did not realize the magnitude of this tragic event and had sad feelings for the Lexus. But after I came back to read what had happened I realized the real loss that Lexus and The Naruse family had to go through today. Eternal rest grant unto Hiromu Naruse, may his soul rest in peace. Your legacy lives on.
    Alex Saldanha

  • WorldofLuxury

    @LFAaddict: In the video, or maybe another video, we could see that the vehicle actually deployed its airbags. I hope the white bag wasn’t wrapping a dead body, but there was a funeral car next to the scene.

  • JVX

    This is sad news indeed. This is a shock to me. My sincere condolences and sympathy to Mr. Naruse and his family. This is a tragic lost to the Toyota/Lexus company. 2010 is not a good year for the company. :-(

    Looking forward to read more details about the crash. I wonder what safety mechanism were deployed in the prototype LFA.

  • Travis Blair

    A high speed head on collsion….the worst kind of automotive accident.

    Look by the rear tire and there you can see where the rear left side of the car is crumpled…thats how severe the impact was that the force was able to flex the rear of the car. I believe the LFA came up off it rear wheels and landed over to the side…

    I dont think either had the reaction time to even hit the brake meaning the full impact was felt…and I do believe both cars were traveling at a high rate of speed.


  • FreeSpirit

    i really cried as the day my uncle passed away

    RIP Naruse


    nothing can i say to thank that guy all over his history

  • Erich Kerner

    RIP Mr. Naruse.

  • Ochiko

    Is there an information somewhere about what happened here? Did the investigation bring more clarification on what is the story? It has been a while since the incident.

  • krew

    I’ve been monitoring the news, and there’s been no conclusion reported — I’ll update here if anything is announced.

  • ae92

    we salute you Mr. Naruse

    rest in peace

  • juan manuel

    mis condolencias a sus familiares. pero eso demuestra la muy mala seguridad de los autos toyota en la actualidad, como es q un superauto de casi 400.000 dolares es menos seguro q uno de 50 mil, quien diria… bueno a comprar bmw. :-O

  • Perry Laspina

    ** Comment deleted **

  • krew

    @Perry Laspina: I removed your comment because neither you nor I have any idea what happened that day — I’m also closing this thread out of respect of Naruse-san.

  • C28sr71007

    TRULY, A GREAT MAN and we all will mis him dearly!!!!!!!!!!