World’s Smallest Lexus Enthusiast

Just a personal note to explain the radio silence of the last couple days:

World's Youngest Lexus Enthusiast

Much to the excitement of my wife Karissa & I, our daughter, Pepper Gwendolyn Watts, was born yesterday — making her the world’s smallest (and youngest!) Lexus enthusiast.

As you can imagine, life gets turned upside down with a new baby, but posting will return to normal next week once our little family gets acclimated. Thank you for your patience!


  • Jarrett

    Congrats Man…..wishing you and your family all the best with this new addition. Keep up the good work


  • techno

    Take your time and enjoy you new child. Shower your wife and daughter with affection. After all, Lexus will still be a great car when you return.

  • JVX

    Congratulation to you and your family. Pepper looks very adorable. Lexus will be very happy knowing that you will get her a Lexus when she’s old enough to drive.

  • Josh

    absolutely adorable. Congrats!

  • oranji



    Congratsssss — I will also be in the same shoes by september”’

  • lexusjoe

    Congratulations thats AWESOME. As a father of a daughter and a son, I know the amazing joy you are feeling. God Bless you and your family and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!

  • WorldofLuxury


    “Aw… so cute and adorable.” lol jk, Krew. I mean it. Happy Father’s day!

  • Nataraj

    Congrats Krew! :-)

  • seal

    Congratulations to the proud father of the baby :) Krew !!!

  • jruhi4

    Congrats to you and Karissa. Awesome Fathers’ Day present!

    Enjoy every second you can with Pepper. Before you know it, they’re out on their own and making you a grandpa (Yes, I speak from experience…)

  • ernesto


  • LFAaddict

    Congratulations! She looks beautiful KREW :-)

  • LFAaddict

    Right in time for Father’s Day too! Haha congrats again!:-)

  • WorldofLuxury

    Saw an LX in black today, in person, under the LA sun!
    I saw a few in other colors, included some in blue, but the black one… WOW the presence! If only Lexus could offer more material options for the interior.

  • Raptor

    Daddy’s little girl~ ;-)

  • BethK

    What a cutie!

  • Joshd

    congrats! What will be her first lexus?

  • Rusty

    You DIDN’T name your kid Pepper!
    Oh no you didn’t!>:-(

  • Jay

    Congrats!!! Take as much time as you need :)


    Congratulations to new dad Krew ! Guess little Pepper is going to get a Lexus scale model as her first toy :-D
    Isn’t that the key to Krew’s LS400? The logo seems to be in surprisingly good shape considering it’s nearly 17 years old.

  • Hube


  • http://TLE Shane From Australia

    Congrats on the new addition to the family Krew, hope all is well.

    Glad you didn’t name her Mercedez … ha, ha, ha !!


  • WorldofLuxury

    @Shane From Australia: Mercedes? sounds like a pornstar, and let’s not get started with Lexus :-P

  • Thresh

    I wish you for you, your family and it’s newest member,happiness and well being!


  • Pratik Patel

    Congrats man!

  • FreeSpirit

    congratulations Krew

    hope GOD save her to you

  • G


  • s

    Happy fathers day, from sean and Lexus of Bellevue. Congratulations.

  • holly

    Oh hey Krew, your woman did GOOOOD! Pepper looks great, but you need to take the keys from her and she’s NOT legal just yet to drive 8-)

    Happy dads day and no, you don’t need to excuse yourself. Lexus will still be the best car around for when ya get back ;-)

  • Asoka Samarasena

    Congratulations. What a wonderful Father’s Day Gift. Enjoy your beautiful baby.

  • lee


  • Lexlthr

    Congrats! Now that’s a great Father’s Day present!

  • krew

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your nice messages — definitely the biggest life change I can imagine!

    Joshd wrote:What will be her first lexus?

    Great question — though I do have at least 16 years to decide. :-D

  • WorldofLuxury

    @krew: I think that you’re gonna go crazy worrying about something else before she reaches 16 ;-)

    Make her have a passionate love for cars and hate for motorcycles (although I love bikes myself).

  • holly

    World of Luxury – don’t you dare!

    Bikes are the best and I hope she gets one when she’s old enough! I have two motorcycles myself and do not own a car. 8-)

  • enthusiast

    Outstanding! Congrats!!:-)