Sleek New IS Website from Lexus Canada

Last month, we saw behind-the-scenes footage for a new Lexus commercial featuring all versions of the IS — now here’s the finished product as part of a new IS section on the Lexus Canada website:

Lexus Canada's new IS Website

Lots of energy to the site, and definitely worth clicking through — the video quality is just fantastic. Very sleek, indeed.

[Source: Lexus Canada]


  • RDS

    I really wanna watch it , but I can’t even load it . Seems like that website contain of very big files .

  • Apples

    Terrible execution and it takes forever to load. I can’t even get the ISc video to finish, just keeps stuttering along with the spinning ball. Looks like Lexus is sticking with Flash for the time being.

  • WorldofLuxury

    It plays rather nicely on my computer, but I have fast internet; once or twice, I felt a little twitching in the streaming.

    Anyways… like they all so, all cars look great next to a jet and on an airfield. lol