Lexus CT 200h Chief Designer Video Interview

Here’s two new Lexus CT 200h videos featuring the hatchback’s Chief Designer, Takeshi Tanabe:

This HD footage really shows off the car in a very strong way, including our best look yet at the LED headlights. Top notch quality.

For more from Tanabe-sama, you can check out my interview with him from the Geneva auto show.

(Thanks Seal!)


  • WorldofLuxury

    It’s probably just me – the public can really use some dramatized lessons of the fundamentals of design. lol Great video, from an average person’s point-of-view.

    Lexus needs more of this – more bragging about all the stuff it has. There are still a lot of Americans who refer to the facelifted LS 430 as the start of the keyless entry because of the once-famous ad campaign, which included the Hoover Dam. We shouldn’t be the ones that say that our cars also has this and that.

  • Travis

    This car is hot.

    I love how the lights turn on in sequence. Much better looking then the A3 and everything else in it’s class.

  • WorldofLuxury

    Btw, this video also reminds me of the RX videos, explaining how the doors on the RX go all the way down to provide clean entry, but that was a feature on the Ford Flex and also on the Land Rovers.

    Not hating; just saying. :-)

  • seal

    Thanks @Krew ;)

    One day left for the darkride !!