Lexus RX 450h Namaqualand Commercial

Lexus South Africa continues its analogous theme with this commercial for the RX 450h, comparing it to the Namaqualand flowers found in the country:

The complexity of a hybrid system working in harmony finds a beautiful analogy in nature, with the setting also providing an ecologically-minded backdrop; still, the vehicle is billed as a performance hybrid, suggesting that it can combine the best of both worlds—efficiency and power. The video is artfully presented as well, showcasing the beautiful intricacies of nature.



  1. Great commercial, but I can’t believe I forgot to mention this:
    Has anyone watched the amazing Game 5 Laker win at the Staples Center? Wow… the Lexus sponsorship was near blinding - made me smile, especially when the announcer described the Lakers’ great play in the first half by saying, “This is as close to Lexus is the Lakers had been all season long… talking about perfection. They were just as perfect to start this ball game, really making it miserable for every Thunder player that tried to touch the ball…,” and then another bright Lexus insignia with the Lexus badge and the words “Pursuing Perfection” shows up on the TV screen.

    I just couldn’t stop smiling! smile smile smile

    The Lakers were really bad in Game 3 and Game 4, after just barely winning the first two games in the first round of the NBA playoffs, so all that and Game 5 really made me think about how Lexus is gonna make a comeback. Maybe the first thing they oughta do is ramp up the advertisements, and don’t share sponsorships with M-Benz.

    Has anyone been to the Lexus Club at the Staple Center?! Here is a photo gallery!

  2. @WorldofLuxury: Very cool, thanks for mentioning that!  I’ve seen pics of the Lexus Club at Staples Center, looks like a neat place to visit!