Lexus F-Sport Event Today in New Jersey

Lexus F-Sport Event

Just a reminder that the Lexus F-Sport event at the New Jersey Motorsports Park is happening today—there’s still time to book a spot, but not for much longer.

As mentioned last week, I will be at the event all day—in fact, I was at the track today as part of a early preview, where I had an opportunity to DRIVE. THE. LFA:

Lexus LFA driven by KREW

Plenty more on that later—but for now, be sure to come down the NJ Motorsports Park for your chance to win a hotlap in the LFA with Scott Pruett (or at the very least, get a lap in the IS F). Believe me, it’s well worth it.

Update: I will be updating the TLE Twitter account with updates from the event—if you’re attending, please introduce yourself (here’s a photo).



  1. I was gonna criticize Lexus for having you wait in line with others and hope for a ride in the LFA, but then you shouted “I had an opportunity to DRIVE. THE. LFA” in my face! Get ready for a rivaling Lexus fanatic website wink aha jk, Krew. It’s my fault for losing interest in the LFA (price had a lot to do with it); I would’ve beaten the first LFA potential owner elimination round without breaking a sweat!

  2. btw, how aware were you that your IS F picture ended up on the IS F and Yukihiko Yaguchi Wikipedia pages? I saw the credentials, but it’s amazing how distinctive the pictures appeared - the name of the location in which the picture was taken was quite epic itself.


    Undoubtedly the picture of the IS F - the details, the stength… most pictures of the IS F show flaws in the car, but your picture shows only perfection.

  3. @WorldofLuxury: Yes, it’s a brilliant pic…wiki often uses pics for which a free license was given, such as that one:

  4. wow….very jealous!!!

    i’m leaving soon, 2 hr drive for me… (crossing my fingers I get a ride in the LFA)

  5. I’m across the country in a corner where they never have held an F-Sport event… lucky you got to try the LFA!

  6. wish I still lived in New Jersey! This track was only about an hour and a half’s drive from Atlantic City.

  7. very nice meeting you….

    I had a great time, I was lucky to get that ride….


    here is a video:

  8. @Marc Berger: Great meeting you today, Marc! Glad you won the hot-lap! cool