Lexus LFA Plug-in Hybrid Spotted?

Spy photographers have captured a strange looking Lexus prototype that almost looks like a plug-in hybrid LFA:

Lexus LFA Hybrid Next Gen SC

The outer shell looks cast-off of an old LFA prototype, and has camouflaged section on the front left fender that could indicate a electric plug, though this area has also been used as an additional gas tank on previous racing LFAs.

But just because it resembles an LFA doesn’t mean that’s what it really is—after all, would Lexus really be focusing on another LFA version before the first production run reaches consumers? Another flag is the amount of misshapen body-work which could be accommodating any number of things—would Lexus be eager to change the vehicle dynamics after a decade of development?

All things considered, we could be looking at an alternative energy version of the LFA, or we could be looking at a plug-in hybrid mule for another Lexus coupe—perhaps one that’s set to end its nine-year production run in July without a third generation verison in place…

[Source: Leftlane News]



  1. Best way to test the next gen SC. Have it under an LF-A

  2. Yup this is definitely the next SC. Maybe an SC hybrid? Exciting stuff!

  3. The front end seems a lot like the LF-A roadster.  Since the production LFA is not coming in a convertible form…perhaps SC will take that on as before?

  4. totally then 3rd generation SC

  5. @mtema99:

    my question is what is the car behind the mule in the first pic???

  6. That was one boring-looking prototype raspberry

  7. The media has finally given the Lexus hybrid bicycle some attention!

    I hope it isn’t a dud - hoping for a mountain bicycle version with:
    - Lexus’ best front and rear suspension system
    - bigger wheels with thicker tires
    - lots of controllable power
    - 24 standard combination of gear ratios

    Funny how Lexus brags about the carbon fiber frame, comparing it to a real motor bike, because a Ferrari Colnago CF2 bike also had a monocoque carbon fiber frame.

  8. the fenders look a little different than usual, as does the intake for the rear radiators. They could just be testing this car to see about new body parts for the LFA, maybe another version or maybe it is testing for the new SC. BUT, we see NO LEXUS badge. Could it be a testing car for a new Toyota sports car? I wonder.

  9. The mules usually carry no badges at all, even if they are Lexus vehicles underneath.

  10. mhmhm, for me new Supra!

  11. @Clode:


    as a fast back 2 door coupe

  12. It’s also funny how the side mirror looks relatively finished, as if off a pre-2008 production model.

  13. There’s already prototypes running around for the next Toyota two-door coupe codename ‘FT-86’, which could be the next gen supra:


    So, I guess the pics shown here on LexusEnthusiat could be the next gen SC. The SC really needs an upgrade.

  14. I know Lexus wouldn’t let the SC just sit there. The both generations of the SC have been great cars, so I assume Lexus is taking their time while every second is valued. The IS C is there for practicality and good pricing; hopefully, that means the SC has some room to roam!

  15. donno

    the rumor before said that the NG-SC will be a converible and nothing about coupe version confirmed and also said it ‘ll be a dedicated hybrid

    and a rumor before also said that the NG-SUPRA ‘ll be hybrid only model with the 3.3L hybrid 400hp engine

    so ??

  16. ft-86 is celica class car not supra.

  17. mtema99:@mtema99:

    my question is what is the car behind the mule in the first pic???

    Looks like a Honda Accord ‘07


  18. @Oranji:

    no i dont think so

  19. @mtema99: LOL It definitely is! Just look at the mirrors! I thought you were asking a trick question.

  20. @WorldofLuxury:
    i know it is accord mirror

    but i though a moment that it might hold the new chassis of the NG-GS

  21. That is one sweet ride… Are they ever going to come out with an upgraded Celica or MR 2 or are they just gone for the near future?