Lexus Global Executive Changes

Lexus Global Executive ChangesLexus parent Toyota Motor Corporation announced key executive changes, which will be formally enacted in June at the company’s annual shareholder meeting.

Of interest to the luxury division, Toshio Furutani is retiring as Senior Managing Director on the corporate board of directors. Furutani has overseen Lexus’ worldwide operations in recent years, initially as Managing Officer and since 2009 in his current board position.

From the April 20th announcement, Kazuo Ohara, General Manager at the Lexus Product & Marketing Planning Division, will be promoted to Managing Officer. According to his profile, Ohara has worked in Japan, New Zealand, and the United States, and oversaw the planning of the original RX 300 and the launch of Lexus Japan in 2005.

See the Toyota press release for more details



  1. I hope this is in response to the latest quality issues and they are getting rid of the people most responsible

  2. Hopefully, the new guy can speed things up too. Hopefully, the new guy cares as much as Lexus’ image as much as the money he earns. He should at least care a bit about Lexus’ image if he’s gonna want to brag about it in Japan.

  3. Just curious has there been anyone at the top level of Lexus that is not Japanese?? Is there a bias to only employing Japanese nationalities?? I dont think other car brands favour their own. Just wondering I think maybe some ideas from other people whatever nationality can maybe improve the way they look a bit. Just some of the cars show so much promise from prototypes and when the final production model comes out it looks really bland like the CT. Example Suzuki Kizashi. P.S not having a go at Lexus just curious. BTW really proud of the LFA smile

  4. @Hoc: Jim Press was up there, but his colleagues didn’t actually pay close attention to him. You have to realize that language is a big barrier. I assume that the language barrier held Bangle back from persuading other BMW executives. Convenience is something a human being cannot ignore, and profits and playing a safe game are also undeniable choices.

    Anyone can design a good looking car; it’s all a matter of will. I will also assume that the Lexus designers have something great in mind but are held back by cost of producing the production version and cost of manufacturing.

  5. @Josh: Firstly, there are some major recalls/glitches, but ironically enough quality levels have gone up still in the past decade; that being said, from what I understand there is a fight between former president/CEO Katsuaki Watanabe and his allies, who among other ‘non-family’ executives were advocates of globalization at TMC and a US-style profit emphasis, and current president/CEO Akio Toyoda and allies who have a ‘back to basics’ and ‘older style’ TMC management plans.  My impression is that Toshio Furutani had more to do with overall brand strategy and less to do with any of the quality issues, which mainly affected the Toyota brand and somewhat Lexus.  It’s true that Lexus global has had only Japanese heads, but then their own separate executive leadership only began in the 2000s, before that, Lexus’ top leadership had its highest rank at the regional level, such as the head of Lexus USA which has had many non-Japanese execs.

  6. its a japanese company based in Japan, why would we not expect japanese execs?


    I’m pretty proud of the CTh, but this facelifted Toyota Corolla... Toyota wanted the Corolla to look more “sophisticated”, so they ended up adding some simple lines that dilute the CTh’s designs! Just focus on the lower front fascia of the CTh and the new Corolla. The foglights and the stupid plastic that surrounds it… the lines in the lower front bumper… the trapezoidal lower grille… what’s next?! LED headlights and the blue logo for the hybrid model?!

    I’ve always applaud Lexus for their vehicles’ subtle details, but I hate how the Toyota models ruin the fun. I guess it’s really hard to have a luxury brand when you want your average cars to still look good.