Blue Lexus LFA Spotted

A blue Lexus LFA has been filmed in Japan:

This second video has some closeups, along with footage of the interior:

Truth be told, I’m generally not a fan of blue, but on the LFA it looks super-fine—here’s the money shot:

Blue Lexus LFA

So we’ve seen white, black, matte-black, red & blue—what color’s next? (My guess: silver.)

(Thanks WorldofLuxury!)



  1. You’re Welcome, Krew!

  2. btw, I like how the blue makes the LFA look very “together” and very strong and anxious.

  3. I’m expecting that someone will order this color…along with red!!! cool

  4. Coach Calipari!

  5. 3/6 LFA? 3 more colors to go LOL!

  6. gorgeous, at the least. smile

  7. I commented on another blog post that I wanted to see it in blue and it looks like my wish came true!... Looks great!

  8. Lookin’ good.  Wish it was mine sad


  9. I think it is not the standard whisker version. look at the Recaro seats, the sound! the distance you see the IS-F Racing Orange

    Clode (Italy)

  10. @Joshd:


    i wanna that one or the red

  11. @Clode, I don’t know if you think that this car is in Italy or what, but it’s in Japan at Fuji Speedway. That’s why it’s FSW. Toyota owns the Fuji track anyway, you can tell from other videos that’s the main straight where the pits are located and right across from it is the main grandstands.

  12. aww, the driver’s side rim is already scratched. lol

    Is this the ultrasonic blue on the ISF?

  13. Yes, I meant that the seats in the LF-A are Recaro, I did not think they were standard

  14. @Clode: I would assume that those Recaro seats are simply excuses for Lexus to bump up the pricetag. Keep in mind that the standards seats are probably more valuable.

    aha Those Recaro seats will probably be available with the production car, and they will save Lexus time and money without the leather, seat heating unit, and electronic mechanisms required by the standard LFA seats. In other words, a person is better off installing his own pair of Recaros.

  15. The Recaro seats are reportedly not available in the US due to safety regulations…

  16. Im surprised no one mentioned the sight of the orange Lexus ISF in the background of the second video…..

    I think that was the CF concept model of the ISF…a more track focused version.

    The BLUS LFA is the best color I’ve seen the lfa in IMO

  17. @Travis: Good eye. I had all my attention on the LFA. lol

    And yes, it’s probably the Lexus IS F CCS Concept, judging by the foglights.