Stunning Red Lexus LFA Photos

Red Lexus LFA

Japanese website Carview has published some red Lexus LFA photos as part of an extensive review:

I could post photos of that red LFA every day.

These photos are part of a larger gallery that includes plenty of interior shots along with photos of an LFA in various stages of undress:

Lexus LFA Exposed Rear

Absolutely amazing—must see photos.

[Source: Carview via Club Lexus]



  1. Amazing stuff. Is that where the battery really is? aha, and with all the efforts they put into lowering center of gravity? I applaud Lexus for recognizing practicality.

    Dang… every single piece in the LFA is something to like. I just want to buy all those cut outs, skeletons, and interior pieces for housing furniture in my house. It would be fun to drive that naked LFA around! raspberry

  2. @WorldofLuxury: Yeah, they were obsessed with front/rear balance, even the windshield wiper fluid was placed differently.

  3. yeah they wanted o achieve that perfect front rear 48/52 layout, which they say is the best for reaching the limit in a front engined rear drive car. I believe ‘em! The LFA in red outdoes itself. That side shot of the white LFA is the best side profile shot of the LFA I have seen.

  4. Indeed, I read that the LFA has a 49.8:50.2 balance.

  5. Hoping consumers report won’t try to roll over it

  6. No “LFA” badge? gasp

  7. LFAaddict:No "LFA" badge? gasp

    Considering how customizable the LFA is, I bet one can easily delete the badge or have it in gold or something.  I was wondering where they would put the badge before the production was announced, thinking it might be centered a la SC 400…

  8. This blue LFA isn’t as stunning as the red one, but we missed it so *PUNCH* “BLUE ONE!”

  9. WorldofLuxury:This blue LFA isn't as stunning as the red one, but we missed it so *PUNCH* "BLUE ONE!"

    WorldofLuxury:Here's that blue one again! *PUNCH-PUNCH*

    I assume these are prototypes that won’t be publicly sold. The blue interior already makes the leather look like cheap plastic foam or something, so I wouldn’t mind taking responsibility for it. smile

  10. @WorldofLuxury: Nice find!! Thanks for sharing the blue LFA with us!  Might go well with the ultrasonic blue IS-F.  Ah and that second video is with the IS-F CCS!

  11. @WorldofLuxury: Fantastic find! cool