Lexus Nürburgring Racing This Weekend

Lexus LFA at Nürburgring

The two race-modified Lexus LFAs and IS F scheduled to compete in the Nürburgring 24h race next month will be getting some additional racing experience in the 35th DMV 4 Hours Race this weekend.

The Lexus Europe Twitter account promises updates during the race, and to mark the occasion, here are some wonderful photos of the LFA from the 57th ADAC race a couple weekends ago, taken by Thomas Biesenbach:

As well, here are some photos from Lexus Europe for good measure:



  1. AWESOME PICTURES! I’m still amazed at how tiny supercars can be. That Porsche with a shorter wheelbase looks fat, and that Bimmer Z4 racer shows me that the production vehicle should’ve had the M3’s V8 (the M3 can fit an M5’s V10… hm LOL )! You guys should really see the R8 in person because it looks so cute!

    I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Lexus looks so serious! How the heck do racers drive with those awesome HIDs shining from behind?

  2. yeah even with the wider fenders the LFA is still slimmer than the GT3 RSR Porsches and the R8 LMS Audis. Of course those are full out race cars. Even the Z4 is in the same league as them. The LFA though is about 500-600 pounds heavier than them with only an 80HP advantage. But I think the LFA sounds the best. Youtube videos of the last VLN race had a finish line fly by and the LFA had the best sound to me.

  3. Well, the Lexus definitely looks the most bad-ass!

  4. even with it’s weight disadvantage, the LFA still laps only 10 seconds slower than the top cars. If it were 2600 lbs. the way the GT3 cars are, it’d surely lap just as fast. There’s to be two LFA’s this weekend though- so hopefully we’ll see some more performance from them. Tire usage was an issue of the last race but they still managed to finish 28th overall. Not bad when they came from 143rd. Maybe this time around they can crack the top 15. I’m sure they have the best chance of winning their class of SP8.