More Lexus LFA Nürburgring Race Photos

Lexus LFA on Nürburgring Practise Run

Turns out that the racing-spec Lexus LFA that I posted earlier wasn’t just taking practice runs around Nürburgring, but was competing in a 4 hour qualifying race—here are some more photos:

These photos give a very clear view of the modifications that have been made to the LFA in preparation for its appearance in the 24 Hour race in May—larger front-intakes, revised exhaust pipes (two instead of three), and more focused side air outlets will all improve the supercar’s air management.

[Source: Edmunds Straightline]



  1. Dang. I wonder how long those tires last.

    Sigh, they compromised an iconic feature for functionality. They better when then LOL
    So what exactly happened to the nose?!

  2. lots of bumps happen all over the ring. it’s just because of how many turns and blind corners with crowds of cars. everyone is trying to get their laps in to qualify/test. i want to know the lap times of the cars though and i can’t seem to find them. I wonder if anyone has any type of link to times posted. It’s so hard to find because it’s probably in german language and google doesn’t really help out unless i use the german to english to understand the site. then if i do that it’s hard to search for the right words. So i have to use the english to german search to find ‘lap times’ but it doesn’t work. I donno. I’m still trying to find out what the results were of this qualifying race.

  3. @TF109B: Looking at

    it seems the first VLN event, ADAC Westfalenfahrt, will be held on March 27, and based on past events the LFA will probably compete at that 4-hour event.

  4. yeah i saw that site earlier, gives no information on lap times. I would guess the qualifying and such will take place this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be able to see it on the 27th or find out some lap times, see how competitive the LFA is.