Lexus LFA at UK Supercar Breakfast Meet

Lexus LFA at P1 Supercars Mulberry Meet

The Lexus LFA made an appearance at the second annual Mulberry Inn supercar meet, an informal UK gathering of exotic cars organized by P1 Supercars and Mulberry Inn pub owner and BBC radio personality Chris Evans. 

The LFA was photographed in rarefied company along with numerous Ferrari Enzos, 599s, Lamborghini Diablos, and a Porsche Carrera GT, and according to STIFF magazine the LFA’s appearance happened by chance when celebrity chef and supercar reviewer James Martin offered to stop by with the LFA in his possession—here’s their full feature:

A brief YouTube video has also surfaced of the LFA departing, complete with viewer commentary:

[Source: STIFF]



  1. I’d love it if Lexus would make a raw video of someone banging the heck out of the LFA! It deserves to have some real fun - doing its best 0-60, drifting, and the likes. I think that advertising the LFA’s serious track performance only goes so far.

  2. @WorldofLuxury: That sounds like a great idea!

  3. Hey, thanks for the mention, great to hear that awesome noise again!