Next-Gen Lexus IS to be offered as a Wagon?

Lexus IS 300 Sportcross

Autocar is reporting that the next-generation Lexus IS will be offered as a wagon—and will be hybrid-only:

…while the original model did offer an estate variant, called SportCross, the current car – introduced in 2005 – has never been available in a wagon.

Lexus insiders now admit that this policy has hurt sales of the car in Europe, where it must face the 3-series Touring and A4 Avant.

The next IS is also likely to only be available as a hybrid, fitting in with the firm’s current push towards this technology.

With its position well established in the US, Lexus is focusing more and more on the European market. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a wagon version of the GS some time in the future, as well.

As for the IS going hybrid-only, that’s likely just a marketing decision in Europe similar to only offering the RX 450h in the UK. I wouldn’t expect this to happen in the North American market.

Other tidbit in the article—the next-generation IS should appear in 2011. Not a big surprise, but nice to hear regardless.

[Source: Autocar]



  1. I think it will be hybrid-only in europe only…  USA should get both gas and hybrid versions…

  2. dang… then the CT is gonna be really important. Lexus hybrids are probably much pricier than the average competitors’ of the same segments, and it’s probably the same story in Europe.

  3. They’re gonna have to keep a gas version in the USA.

  4. What’s That Means ?

    Pure Hybrid Model & Pure Wagon Model ?

  5. wow

    great news

  6. WorldofLuxury:dang… then the CT is gonna be really important. Lexus hybrids are probably much pricier than the average competitors' of the same segments, and it's probably the same story in Europe.

    The price of hybrids depend a bit on how a country defines the new car tax.Some countries offer tax cuts for hybrids.

  7. Good to hear smile

  8. lexus-ct-200h-live-at-geneva-2010-42.jpg

  9. @seal: GASP! The center console storage compartment looks useless. What’s up with the cupholders and the surrounding area? GASP! THE SEATS AREN’T ELECTRONICALLY ADJUSTABLE!

  10. @seal: Neat vid, I have no idea what language that is, although I recognized “full hybrid” the closeup of the side mirrors.

    @WorldofLuxury: Yup, the driver’s seat is electric only, and from what I hear this is in line with competing Euro makes which offer high-end features in some areas, but more basic features elsewhere.  The ‘everything standard’ model works better in the states, so they say.