Lexus CT 200h USA Price Guessing Game

Lexus CT 200h Rear Lights

The New York Times (and many other outlets) is reporting that the Lexus CT 200h will start with a €21,000 when it goes on sale in Europe next year.

The natural question turns to how that translates into the North American price—a direct, euro-to-dollar conversion would currently mean a starting MSRP of $28,755 USD, putting it just over the top-end $28,070 USD Toyota Prius V.

However, when you consider the higher price of vehicles in Europe, it starts to tell a different story—some examples:

  • The Audi A3 2.0 TDI Automatic has a base price of €26,700, or $36,560; in the USA, the same Audi A3 retails for $29,950 USD—meaning that the U.S. price is only 81.9% of the German price.
  • The base model price of a Toyota Prius is €25,450, or $34,571 USD; in the USA, the top-end Prius is $28,070 USD—the U.S. price is 81.1% of the German price.
  • The Lexus RX 450h retails for €50,159, or $68,135 USD; in the USA, the RX 450h AWD is $44,275 USD—so the U.S. price is 64.9% of the German price.

Ignoring the RX 450h and sticking with A3/Prius’ 81%, the rumored €21,000 price tag on the CT 200h would translate into a U.S. MSRP of $23,550 USD, a total that’s beyond ridiculous—but then, looking at the price of a German Prius would have ended the argument right there. Could the CT 200h really be less expensive than a Prius in Europe?

(In the end, I think $28,070 in the USA is more likely than €21,000 in Europe.)

[Source: NY Times]



  1. Good post cool

    I’ve been thinking of this as well and looking at the HS’s price premium over the Camry will probably get a better idea what to expect.

    The Camry hybrid with leather costs about $30K. The HS has a starting price of $34K and the HS is pretty well equipped.

    The Prius with leather and 17in wheels costs $27K so the CT could costs $4K translating into $31K. That’s a fuzzy guess, but I’d guess that the price might be a little lower.

  2. With all these price translations, it’s not a 1 to 1 ratio, which ultimately means the the cars are not priced what they’re worth. Thinking of which, even a Toyota Avalon costs as much as a Lexus ES350. On that same token, I wouldn’t be surprise a CT200h would cost as much as a Prius. If this assumption is correct, I can see huge sale for the CT200h.

  3. If those prices are right that be nice. Fully equipped it hit near $40k CDN :/

  4. In source NY times the horsepower is 187. Is this ok???

  5. @JOSE: Around town, you’ll have the torque from the electric engine (if in a hurry, turn on “Sport” mode), but 187bhp isn’t my cup of tea, even for a car the size of the CT. I’ve always been large displacement V8+ kinda guy aha

  6. I can tell you about Italy, where that 20% is VAT. I’m not sure about Germany, but they should be around 15-20%. I can’t tell about Us, but I guess taxes are much lower… And, also, in Germany there are more “low equipped” version than in other countries for the A3, 1 Series, Golf and so on…
    Just hope to stay under 30,000 for the full equipped CT!

  7. @Max from Italy:

    Exactly!There are more low equipped versions for BMW1 anyway! But when Auris HSD starting price in Italy will be 21.000 euros.. i will be happy if they stay under 25000 for CT200h’s starting price wink response to my question :
    >sales price for the CT 200h will be released Autumn 2010

  8. What the New York times is reporting has to be inaccurate. They’re saying the base price of the CT 200h will be €21,000, meanwhile the base price of the Prius €25,450? Maybe the CT will cost that much without VAT, but I imagine the CT 200h will roughly work out to be more like €27,000. Although, that would make it more expensive than the A3.

  9. My local Lexus dealer estimated the CT’s base price at approx. 315 000 nkr (Norwegian Crowns).The highest spec Prius is 347 000 nkr.

  10. If it is between 23 and 25 USD, I’ll buy one.

  11. @Hunter Ford: @seal: @Max from Italy: @JVX: @Brendan: @Eljay:

    Well the best closest competitor to the CT200h would be either the diesel 5 door BMW 120d or the BMW 118i. They costs €30.050 and €26.400 respectively in the French automarket. If the CT200h were priced somewhere between those two prices then, it would costs slightly more than the Prius, but it’s price would still be in line with the competition. The IS250 in France costs €39.200 and the IS220d cost €32.300, so the CT would still be a few thousand Euros cheaper than the IS if the price came up to be about €27.000. Of course the price varies per country like the IS250 is €36.250 in Germany, but the IS there has standard cloth seats.

    In the US the CT200h is probably not going to be $23-25K USD. It’ll probably cost more than the Prius just like how the HS250h cost more than the Camry hybrid here in the US.

  12. @seal: Thanks, my man! That CNET guy is great!

  13. CT2ooh | silver


  14. Looks hot in silver! Where did you find that?

  15. 4404480880_817cac9b84_o.jpg

  16. “Auto”, an italian magazine reports “from 22000 Euros”. They also report the new Auris Hybrid from 20000!8-)