Two New Lexus Models to Use CT 200h Platform?

Lexus CTh platform may yield other Lexus models

Among the numerous media reports covering the launch of the CT 200h, some interesting details about the new Lexus hatchback’s platform have emerged—Autocar reports (emphasis added):

The CT200h is 4320mm long, 1765mm and 1430mm high, meaning it is longer, wider and taller than the A3 and 1-series. Its 2600mm wheelbase is only eclipsed by the 1-series’ 2660mm and its 345-litre boot is bettered only by the A3’s 350-litre capacity. [...]

Although not confirmed, a small SUV and three-door CT200h are set to be spun off this platform.

A similar article was filed by Car and Driver regarding a possible new CT-based crossover:

We’ve also learned that the car is based on a new platform that isn’t shared with any other Lexus or Toyota products, featuring a wishbone rear suspension and struts up front. The architecture may be used in future Lexus products such as a small crossover, in which case it would use electric motors for an all-wheel-drive setup like that of the RX450h hybrid crossover.

It certainly would be interesting to see what a 3-door CT 200h would look like.  A small ‘cute-ute’ Lexus crossover has also been rumored for quite some time, although Lexus USA executives have questioned the suitability of such a model for the US market. In Europe however, a small hybrid crossover could build on the CT 200h’s foothold in the compact luxury segment. It appears that following Lexus’ decision to produce a model specifically engineered to the tastes of European luxury buyers, an expanded lineup of related Euro-focused compact models may be a genuine possibility.

[Sources: Autocar and Car and Driver]



  1. Makes sense to me. The small CUV will probably compete with the BMW X1. I’d like to see a Coupe variant of the CT myself with a bit more power. Also an F model would be good.

  2. I want the little 3 door coupe!!!  Will it come out at the same time as the 5-door - which I’m really not 100% sold on yet.

  3. This is fun.

  4. I would love to see the 3-door crossover version of the CT200h, with a more aggressive look, more power, and more LF-Ch styling. Lexus is heading in the right direction.

  5. wow

    nice news

    hope the 3 doors CT is the blurry one that krew posted couple weeks ago

  6. With the new RX, HS, and CT, I’m really anxious to see what Lexus is willing to give us for the mid- and premium-luxury level. (Let’s disregard the GX for now because honestly, I don’t think Lexus gave the GX its best efforts… well, especially when the Prado itself has many similar features.)

    Both the ES and GS are in position of moving up without tremendous strides in price hikes. The IS should be ready to move up the chain with no price hike whatsoever to stay competitive. The LS needs more “warmth”; the LX needs a big facelift.

    Everyday, I just keep hoping that Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Infiniti come out with something awesome but also with improved quality and reliability. I hope that Mercedes-Benz and BMW stay as far away from each other. I hope Acura becomes more serious and that Jaguar market itself more. ...all in the hope that the luxury market stays competitive. Inflation and tariffs aside, I don’t think a lot of Lexus’ price hikes are well-justified when compared to the non-luxury sector.

  7. I’m just so excited that Lexus is becomming more focused on the European market.I’ve always felt that we weren’t a priority in terms of product developement,we simply got cars developed for the US with firmer steering and suspension as the only concessions to Euro-tastes.