Lexus RX 270 to Launch in China

It appears that another smaller-displacement Lexus model will be joining the ES 240 in the Chinese market after spyshots were captured during a domestic road test:

Lexus RX 270 to be sold in China

Lexus RX 270 to be sold in China

According to Chinese website Sohu, the RX 270 will become the entry-level model in Lexus China‘s RX lineup, and will feature a 2.7L 1AR-FE inline-four gasoline engine, producing 187 horsepower and 252 Nm of torque.

The introduction of lower-displacement models in China is a necessary strategy due to the country’s imposition of high excise taxes in 2008. These taxes targeted vehicles with 3.0L or higher engine displacement, which meant prior to the ES 240’s introduction, all of Lexus China’s vehicles were subject to the 25% to 40% excise tax.

[Source: (translated)]  (Thanks Ouan and Foo Foo!)



  1. 187 horsepower on a 4000+ pound car? thats not going to be pretty

  2. that’s so weird

  3. I wonder if it could be exported from china. Like is it otherwise the same car as everywhere else? Not in Chinese etc?

  4. @Stan: I sure hope the underpinnings aren’t messed with; I hope this car is built in the exact same way as all other RX vehicles. Dang… but Lexus must have had to work out a way to balance the four-cylinder engine and have it run like a Lexus engine without performance compromises.

  5. 2.7L is already enough.  There is a 2.4L version of the last RX here: and the acceleration is already good.

  6. The highlander here has a 2.7L engine and it seems adequate enough for people. 4 cylinder engines are essential for Lexus to succeed in china

  7. It seems right…save some money on power your not going to use.
    If you ever been to China and know the traffic ...your not going so fast anyway wink

  8. My mind has totally changed now. I think that the RX is a cute and an extremely handsome car. It’s handy dandy… so practical… so cool! It’s like one of those powerful but small laptops. You will always feel like running a random errand with it just to drive it.

  9. and that particular RX in test has the 19” wheel option…heavy…

    @robert pat, did u know the new RX350 is almost 200kg heavier than the outgoing
    Harrier 3.5/RX350? But then i guess the extra 20odd horses from the 1AR will make up for it.
    This 2.7 will definitely appeal to most to the PI 240G Harrier in the Asean region, where JDMs are widely imported.

  10. I wonder will Lexus dealers in ASEAN have a chance to sale this since they do not sale ES240.  The gray market cannot get this model as well since there is none to order form Japan or Australia.  Importing from China will make a skyrocket price.

  11. hmm… China is LHD, most of Asean (exclu. the Philippines) is RHD market and they do not have the latest LHD-only ES series.
    my guess is, will not make it so soon? maybe MY2012…