Lexus CT 200h Coming to North America

Lexus CT 200h Rear

Big news for North America—according to the Lexus Europe Twitter account:

CT 200h will be offered for sale in ALL markets where Lexus is present

While I never had real doubt that the CT would be North America bound, it’s still a relief that there’s been some official verification. This model will do wonders for the Lexus brand in Canada.

That said, it’s possible, even likely, that the worldwide launch will be staggered, with Europe & Japan receiving the first CT shipments. This will be a main point of focus during the Geneva Auto Show, so we’ll be sure to learn more next week.

[Source: Lexus Europe]



  1. Well I think this will make about 1% of the US population happy… but i could be wrong

  2. @Joshd: I hope it makes 1% of the population happy, that would be 3,040,597 sales! wink

  3. This car looks amazing!!!

  4. As many of those Audi A3’s I see running around, this seems like good news! You can never have too much selection at a dealership - but you can have too little!

  5. Thats good to hear smile

    I was hoping it be AWD but FWD pretty good for Quebec in winter so I don’t mind.

  6. The car looks good. Can lexus change that antenna to a shark fin? =D

  7. i need to see it to like it, and it looks like ill get my chance. if i can get an f sport suspension that makes the rear wheels look better and bigger as on the ISC, and see it in black or ultrasonic blue i may…MAY…consider it. gasp

  8. Interesting idea—CT 200h F-Sport.

  9. I think ths US version would have to have a larger engine, if not standard at least as an option. Maybe offer a CT200h and a CT300h for people who want some addtional power.

  10. @James: YES! POOOWWWWWEEERRRRRR!!! vvvrrooomm vrOOM VRROOOM!!! LOL I love power, and I especially love torque!

  11. this picture reminds me of dr. dre for some reason…:-P

  12. @James: Yes definitely. One thing that the report doesn’t say is when the CT will make it to other markets wink

    They might wait to bring it over, until they add a 300h model.

  13. Perhaps just like the IS 200 showed up in Europe first and the IS 300 in N America later.

  14. I really don’t mean to pessimistic, but they might mean all markets within Europe.

  15. @4tD: hmm that’s also a likely even more plausible explanation of the tweet.

  16. @4tD: No, I made sure to confirm with Lexus Europe that this meant North America.

  17. A very intriguing and appealing car - it certainly makes up for the bizarre HS 250!

  18. AutoBlog posted live photos of the CT 200h at the Geneva Motor Show, and the car looks absolutely stunning. I don’t mind the lack of uniform LED lowbeam bulbs anymore… now with the nice, subtle LED strip that has a nice sense of elegance, unique to Lexus. Good Job Lexus.

    The interior is good too, but not innovative.

  19. ....and the CT200h is already “added” on the US Lexus website under “Future/Concept” as a Future model.