Lexus IS 350 to Debut in Australia

Lexus IS 350 for Australia

Lexus Australia has announced that the IS 350 sport sedan will be joining its lineup in the fourth quarter of 2010.  With its debut Down Under, the IS 350 gains a fourth national market after Canada, Japan, and the U.S., and also addresses the power differential between Lexus Australia’s other IS offerings, the IS 250 and IS-F.

Lexus Australia head Tony Cramb says that the IS 350’s Australian debut is the result of an intense negotiation process with Lexus headquarters in Japan.  At present only the IS 350 sedan variant is confirmed; Lexus Australia also sells the convertible IS 250 C, but not the more powerful IS 350 C.

[Source: Motor Report]



  1. *sigh* We in the Middle East have to put up with IS 300 as our only option since 2007… don’t know why we can’t get IS 350 mad

  2. @Musouka: Maybe the law, the sensitivity of the engine to the environment,... or Lexus can be quite a d*****bag sometimes.

  3. How ideal Lexus for Australian market! In fact,there have been no Lexus IS350 outside these three districts:Japan,USA,and Canada for years.
    On the other hand,some sources say that considerable amount of IS350s has been sold in EU countries through parallel-importing dealers since 2006,it’s curious story for me. This phenomenon implies that the IS350 is one of most awaited Lexus models in the markets apart from North America.
    With silky-bomb like engine character,supple chassis,and reasonable fuel consumption,she’ll be worthy competitor for the likes of BMW 335i,Audi S4,Mercedes C350CGI,and VW Passat 3.2 both in Australian and European(albeit parallel-importing,currently) markets. Let’s congratulate on Lexus Australia’s effort! smile

  4. You guys are better. I just can’t also understand why we are not getting the IS350 in South Africa. Or at least the IS300 if we can get the IS-F which arrived recently. Instead they gave us a fat LX570, for what?