Lexus CT 200h Brochure Leak!

Lexus CT 200h

The Lexus CT 200h brochure has been leaked by way of World Car Fans, let’s get straight to the images:

Some talking points:

  • The CT is built on an all new platform with a double-wishbone rear and tuned McPherson strut front suspension
  • The 1.8L VVT-i engine found in the Prius is confirmed as the engine component of the CT 200h’s powertrain. No mention is made of overall horsepower.
  • There will be four distinct driving modes: EV, Eco, Normal & Sport. Switching to sport will change the instrument panel and center console spotlight to red. (Nice touch!)
  • Overall dimensions:
    • Length: 4,320mm/170”
    • Width: 1,765mm/69.5”
    • Height: 1,430mm/56.3”
    • Wheelbase: 2,600mm/102.4”

I’m still pouring over these images, but I really like what I see so far. How the CT 200h translated the LF-Ch’s front-end was my major concern, and that was handled expertly, meshing elements of the IS with the Toyota Prius. And just look at this interior:

Lexus CT 200h Interior

The Lexus CT 200h will officially debut on March 2nd at the Geneva Auto Show.

[Source: World Car Fans]



  1. Looks great! Even though it won’t be in the USA. Still resembles the concept from the side view and it kind of looks like the IS except in a wagon form. For a second the front bumper from the side view made me think of the ISF.

    Hope to see more pictures of the rear side soon.

  2. The brochure says “Entering production at the end of 2010 and for sale throughout the world.” Still might come to the US.

    Hate the foglamps… plastic???? That should be a vertical LED strip or a light tube like the Ford Taurus has.

  3. What the?! What happened to that C-pillar? Did they melt it? Did the molten metal cover up part of the rear-quarter window? It’s so bulbous that it resembles a Mégane!
    I have to be frank now, the worst part of it is that hideous fog lamp surround. I mean, black plastic? Not worthy of a Lexus. Otherwise, the front looks all right—admittedly, better than expected. The headlamps are sharp and Lexus-like while the grille really brings depth.
    But the interior is incredible (it too, also looks like that of the Mégane). That needs to be the interior of the next GS and IS. I’m not crazy about the ‘chrome’ trim being cut off by the cluster of buttons, but still…
    Rear visibility is going to be a major problem, however. The visibility looks to be even worse than that of the Toyota Matrix (which is so bad, that it’s offensive).
    I’m not sure how good North American reception would be, but I don’t think that Americans and Canadians would like that C-Pillar.
    But if it comes to Canada, sign me up!

  4. Should have been a 2-door but I’d still rock it!

  5. “All new platform”? Doubtful!

    Overall it looks ok. Major concerns for me are:
    -C-pillar; mainly the abrupt kink at the bottom where the door glass stops. It looks eerily similar to the Panamera rear door (which is horrible).
    -Front doors too long, rear doors too short. The iffy c-pillar makes this more obvious.
    -The headlights could have been a bit more interesting to look at. They’re quite similar to the HS’s, which isn’t saying much.

    I don’t really mind the foglights as you all do.

  6. The dash and center console is just mashed up Audi and BMW. The front is just weird. The rear doors are weird. The steering wheel is meh. sigh… time to “see the car in person.”

    The designers really have a lack of perspective.

    I mean, seriously. The designers probably wanted the front to look like a cute but aggressive puppy but simply ended up with an HS. And I’m guessing there aren’t any chrome exhaust tips…

    - Lexus fan speaking

  7. Also, Lexus had so many practical design cues that looked great but kinda messed them all up.

  8. looks like a mini acura RDX

  9. It looks like an IS…
    it looks good but its not my cup of tea

  10. Damn Damn Damn ! It’s Nice !

    BTW , 2.6m Of Wheelbase ? Chassis Of Corolla ...

  11. Looks like a Fiat Stilo in the front.. and that’s no good.

    Picture for comparison..

    I like the interior though.. it looks very nice! smile

  12. UHH… I liked the blurry leek better. sad
    why does lexus always ruin a beautiful design when in production. IT BUGS ME SO MUCH!!

  13. @Eddie: WHAT did they do to the rear window.
    btw, the rims are TINY!!!

  14. @Eddie: ooo. I compared the blurry leak with this. they’re completely different!:-o

  15. The wheel arches/tires are much smaller compared to the concept. And that makes it look like an Auris from the side. Not much sporty, mostly boring.
    The interior is too much BMW and nowhere near Lexus. Too many surfaces in quite chaotic arrangment.
    Except this it looks quite good. Not my type of car anyway, I am all the way on the IS.

  16. Have to say that the pics kind of disappoint me…. On the Lexus website, from the concept pictures, the color and wheels, as well as the body style have an aggressive look to them, kind of like a baby-brother LFA thing going on, while this car just looks cheap.

    For me, the wheels throw me. They look too sports-car KIA. The LF-Ch on the Lexus website doesn’t have that gaudy hatchback styling (IMHO) that the car above does - the car above looks like a Saturn Astra.

    I would not buy the car ^^ above. I would buy the car at , though.

  17. I think it looks more like this photo i posted a week ago:


    The interior is good people wink Wait for high quality official images wink
    The most beautiful part is the back of the car IMHO!

  18. Let’s wait for the price too wink

  19. I’ve seen worse. At least it’s better than the IS300 SportCross. Lexus_IS300_SportCross_2002_01_116724_m.jpg

  20. The more I think about it, the less sense the design makes. Lines seem to conflict with each other. There is absolutely no design harmony and those fog lamp surrounds are just plain hideous. They actually bring down the front end’s styling. The designers were obviously desperate to fuse together a Matrix and an IS-F—finally reaching a compromise nobody liked.
    From that front 3/4 view, the car looks disproportionate and disfigures. Line lines don’t meet at the right places. The rims look too small in comparison to the fat body.
    It looks like an attempt to replicate a bad photochop of a possible next-gen Matrix.
    But I admit, the taillamps look good and the interior looks good too. I’d still possibly buy one if it’s cheap and comes North America.

  21. weird shaped rear doors, weird shaped grille, rear seems too heavy - makes the rear wheels seem too small, but I like the interior..

  22. @Lexus: GIVE ME THE D*** F***‘in PEN! ...and the right to make the decisions. Boy if they would, I would totally ignore the importance of money for a year. aha

  23. and hopefully they will offer wood in the interior

  24. In black with bigger wheels it will be nicer I think - then the question is whether the suspension is of sufficiently high grade to handle bigger wheels without killing comfort.

    About the interior - the steering wheel and the dash has some shiny parts - I hope this is real aluminum, not the hideous “brushed aluminum” plastic parts found in Toyotas. If any such plastic is found in a Lexus I’m considering that is a no-buy. I tried the IQ the other day, first impression not bad, but it felt like it would fall apart when pushing various interior parts - my good old 1.gen IS felt like a proper luxury car after.

  25. @RTV: I second that. The concept was special because of its aggressive stance and its departure from the conservative Lexus styling. In the end, we got yet another Lexus sad

    Let’s hope someone release an aftermarket mod kit to bring this closer to the looks of the concept.

  26. wow

  27. @mtema99: Very impressed, I see. wink  I notice there’s a bit of LFA steering wheel in the CTh’s…

  28. @Dan: Yeah but a poor interpretation… I’ve already felt that the LFA steering wheel could’ve been a little better, but the real leather around the sides made up for it. The CT’s… meh

  29. @Dan: I mean… the design cues of the exterior are so good that they deserve trademarks, but dang, they don’t come together very well. The interior is just an Audi+BMW+GX with rear quarter windows that could’ve been bigger.

    Too bad we don’t get to see the windshield wiper.

  30. What I really don’t like about the interior is the dashboard panel with the radio etc. If you look under the nav screen and under the air conditioning vents, that squared panel that stops midway down, IS SO BMW. That whole panel just reeks of BMW, especially how the buttons are very rectangular, and all fit in a grid, etc. The styling doesn’t look anything like any other Lexus currently in production.

  31. On a side note, now that the car is almost official, maybe it’s time to put CTh in the “By Model” bar.

  32. hi
    For me these photos do not make it, have a low quality and prospects a bit strange,must wait to see pictures from Geneva

  33. Is it just me or is the photography looking cheap in this luxury sector.  Is it an illusion but the toilet tiles make the car look small like its sister the Yais.

  34. It looks good to me. Beautiful!

  35. I had the same reaction seen the Bmw 1 series: I was a little disappointed but the I began to love it. I’ll wait for a final opinion at Geneva…I’ll be there smile

    White: not its color!

  36. That’s definitely not a Lexus !! From these images it’s obvious Lexus has completely lost the design plot. IMO this downhill trend started with the LX, RX, HS, facelifted ES, facelifted LSh & now CT (the GX is the exception). The exterior is too bland,it doesn’t look like a premium car at all & worst of all is the interior design which looks like a copy of the Renault Laguna with some bits of 1-series thrown in. Where’s the wood trim ?! & are those open cupholders in the center console b/w the seats? If this comes to the US it’ll badly tarnish Lexus’ image, might as well be badged Diahatsucause that’s it looks like!
    But have to see proper images before passing final judgement…  mad mad mad

  37. @LEXUSBOY:

    I really can’t understand you…

    Take a look ... why is CT200h an ugly car? I think the design is way better than the other competitors.. :


  38. Also at 2600 mm the wheelbase is identical to the Corolla, which by the way looks better   mad

  39. @seal:

    nice seal
    i like it and think it is a way better than a lot of things
    and you know
    i like the interior even from those low quality pics

  40. @seal: Beauty is in the eye os the beholder they say LOL
    I wouldn’t say the CT is ugly unlike the 1-series which is plain sick looking. What I meant is it simply doesn’t look like a Lexus, just compare it to the IS. Now if the IS had a hatch variant that would’ve been something else. There are several hatches in Europe that look better like the Alfa MiTo, Fiat Grande Punto etc. Lexus hasn’t kept the promise that the original L-Finesse designs showed namely GS, IS & LS. Plus I’m worried that Toyota’s recall problems are going to seriously drain their cash reserves & directly affect Lexus’ budget. This may mean cutting costs by using cheaper materials & less complex sculpting. Will have to see if this has affected the CT’s interior which from these images at least doesn’t look too hot at all crying

  41. @WorldofLuxury: Since you’re a big fan of leather on the doors (like me) check out the new Nissan Patrol’s interior Fantastic ! & this is going to be the 2011 Infiniti QX56. Makes you wonder if this is how the LX interior should’ve been all along sad
    Infiniti is looking quite attractive now…. Lexus are you paying attention ?

  42. Why would anyone want wood trim in a modern car? In a Rolls perhaps, or a Morgan. Other than that wood is for furniture and forests wink

    It looks better than A3/1-series (and way better than a Scirocco/Corolla/Auris), but compared to a Citroën DS3 or Alfa Giulietta it looks somewhat dull. Hopefully better quality though…

  43. Pond:Why would anyone want wood trim in a modern car? In a Rolls perhaps, or a Morgan. Other than that wood is for furniture and forests…

    & Luxury Cars for a warm & organic interior ambience cool
    To all carmakers : No wood = No money from this customer LOL

  44. Still i feel that there is sth wrong with the leaked brochure photos and the photo of the real CT200h that was taken 3 days ago… :/  :???

    Take a look ... what do you think ?


  45. @seal:

    Strange, I noticed that too but thought it might be an imperfection or a seam.
    Also, judging by the wheel bulges, the headlamp would then be too large and too close to the wheel.
    But, yeah… I agree with you.

  46. I think it looks great.  People have a tendency to recoil from anything new, but many who are panning it now will warm up to it in time.  This is the probably the nicest looking hatchback I’ve ever seen.

    I too prefer wood interiors but wood in a hatchback just doesn’t seem fitting.

  47. @LEXUSBOY: Nissan understands the idea of size, chrome, and wood. The thing is that Nissan is also good at concentrating the best materials in certain areas, meaning that there are a lot of nasty plastic parts that we don’t immediately notice, and some of the soft-touch leather that is surrounded by wood and chrome easily fool the eye as well.

    @Pond: Piano black and granite are great substitutes! That’s the whole idea of matching the right materials for a certain car. You should compare three types of IS in person - one with the warm and pretty wood trim, one with the same wood trim but in a contemporary gray, and one with plastic-metallic trim. The Espresso Bird’s-Eye Maple Accent is pretty for a girl; the Dark Gray Bird’s-Eye Maple Accent is appropriate for a teen male; the “Metallic-Finish Accent” loses its appeal under bad lighting and ages quickly.

    I would much rather have real aluminum trim if it were available with a machined finish than metallic plastic. Wouldn’t you? Lexus doesn’t have to give us wood. Lexus just needs to go easy with the plastic trim.

  48. @Lexus Luver: Like I said, the concept looked great. Most of us loved it, and that was new. The car in the post maintains the great design cues but has a bad result.

    Just look at the rear doors. They’re nowhere near as sleek as the concept’s. If Lexus was going for something like Lamborghini Miura’s doors, Lexus still failed.

    @seal: Prettier doesn’t necessarily means pretty. I really wish those LED bulbs were more uniform, even if they have different responsibilities.

    @LEXUSBOY: I honestly can’t live with those ugly TV screens behind the front headrests - I can’t stand displays with large frames when the display itself is big in the first place.

  49. seal:Still i feel that there is sth wrong with the leaked brochure photos and the photo of the real CT200h that was taken 3 days ago… :/  :???

    Take a look ... what do you think ?


    Yeah, I think you might be right ... I can’t say I’ll be disappointed if this car shown above isn’t the real one.

  50. HAHHAHA i think its a fake, as seal pointed out the headlights of the covered car are much different. i’m pretty confident it’s slightly or completely photoshopped. If not, i might forget about having this as my first car, because the front is just too different than the LF-Ch. if the foglights were a line of LED’s, if the interior had wood, and if the wheels weren’t so small, AND if the whole front end was as the LF-Ch, i would love this. i can’t say anything of the taillights or body shape, those are perfect.LOL

  51. @seal:

    what if the CT200h have a shape diff from CT300h/400h

    we all know that lexus register 3 names


    what if the leaked photo we saw it before is for one of the other two model?

  52. @WorldofLuxury:

    Indeed, wood is way better than “metallic plastic” - anything is better than that smile

  53. @LFAaddict: You know what we should do? We should all say, “IT’S FAKE!” in the comments, and if it turns out to be real, we should show the comments to the Lexus headquarters!

    Have you guys heard the responsibility Akio Toyoda was willing to take? It’s a Japanese thing, but I honor that guy. Although… he is the luckiest person in the world because he is the president of a company with his name, and he gets to make all the fun decisions too!

    Oh! and Wall Street Journal is a soap-opera b****. Most of us now know that the ES that crashed was a dealer error. Another one was probably from a driver’s error, but WSJ ignored most of the facts and just put the blame on Lexus despite the many trouble-free miles before the accident (WSJ did say that it was 27,000 trouble-free miles).

  54. @mtema99: Well it can’t be confirmed when and if we ever get the 300h or 400h. Those might come in the next generation for all we know and LExus could just be trademarking the names ahead of time.

    Anyway, I would like to the CT spawn off a Coupe variant. I think the vehicle would look much better as a Coupe, but maybe that’s just me cool

  55. @WorldofLuxury:

    totally agree with you wink Let’s wait 4 more days wink

  56. Hi guys,

    New Photos from Germanys “AutoBild”


  57. More photos:


  58. 72071532_8df728673e.jpg

  59. 72071540_f28d55f153.jpg

    greetz from Germany

  60. Thanks for sharing the larger photos! Danke! smile

  61. @WorldofLuxury:
    i’m so with you on that…if i designed for Lexus…wow. i would shoot the people who draw this stuff

  62. um…the backseats…have an intake…and a stool on the floor? what is this?:-o

  63. @LFAaddict: You won’t see the vent when the doors are closed, but I am curious about what it’s specifically for. That stool is the center armrest.

  64. @more:

    i totally love that interior
    thee exterior is a way better than the main competitor also

    in Egypt we have the 1-series & 3class and from the comparison photo by seal it looks way better

    the only thing i want is to be an AWD and i think lexus wont neglect that in CT
    all it’s hybrids all already AWD why they ‘ll delete it even as option from CT

  65. @WorldofLuxury: Every Lexus should have wood trim either standard or optional.. hell I’ll even accept the fake stuff wink

  66. LFAaddict:um…the backseats…have an intake…and a stool on the floor? what is this?:-o

    I think the intake is for the Hybrid battery cooling, the LSh has such vents on the rear parcel shelf & they look like they’ll remain exposed when the door is shut too plus the rear seats look like they have zero under thigh support. Also the front passenger door has a vertical door pull handle while the other doors have flat armrest grips, what’s up with that ?