Photos from the Miami Lexus Mega Meet

You may remember mention of the Lexus Mega Meet that happened last month in Florida—well, Eric Ho of PS Photos was there and ended up taking hundreds of photos and posting them to Flickr. Here’s just a small sample:

First Gen Lexus GS 300

Blacked out Lexus IS

Lime Green Lexus ES 300

Love this photo with every Lexus GS generation:

Every Generation of Lexus GS in a row

From all accounts, the Mega Meet was a huge success. Special thanks to Eric for taking such great photos—be sure to check out the full photo gallery, there’s over 200 photos from the event!



  1. Honestly, when I saw the title of this post, I just thought to myself, “Boy there must’ve been some starving people,” but immediately, I saw people with hot dogs!

    Man it’s nice to see clean, shiny cars again. Inconsistent storms and occasional sprinkles have made the cars of Southern California all muddy and nasty. We haven’t had a weather like this in five to six years, and people are all washing their cars just to have their cars dirty again and the traffic accidents are just terrible.

  2. Nice clean first gen GS 300…and I’ve never seen that shade of green on an ES before…and it looks neat.

  3. the black ISF is blowing my mind with its color…and a green leather interior…well that’s…unique…also loving the blue GS and the silver GS. smile