Lexus CT 200h Arrives in Geneva

The Lexus CT 200h has arrived for its introduction at the Geneva Auto Show:

The covered Lexus CT 200h

Click for a larger image

This image comes courtesy of Lexus Europe, who are updating their Flickr account every day with a new image from the Geneva Auto Show floor. As expected, the photos so far show the Lexus exhibit to be in various stages of construction, but it’s sure to get interesting the closer we get to the autoshow’s opening day next week.

The actual photo doesn’t show much, though there’s definitely some hints of the LF-Ch in the front bumper and hood-line—here it is zoomed up:

Lexus CT 200h Zoomed Up

Looks like a more traditional grille under there as well.

[Source: Flickr]



  1. I’d hate to imagine, but…

    Will the brake override take away the fun? No burnouts or easy doughnuts?
    The IS F and GS 460 were advertised that way.
    I can feel the future disappointment from CT, IS, GS, and LFA owners. ES and LS will just be laugh stalks sad

  2. I see your point. I’d be telling a lie if I said I wasn’t a bit concerned with the ever increasing electronic nannyism in automobiles.I’d also be fibbing if I said I thought this developement would stop or even slow down,never mind take a few steps back.But,who knows?Perhaps there’ll be a backlash on electronic gadgetry someday. I’d not mind all this electronic interference with the driving experience if it came with off switches,though.
    Still,I’m very excited about the CT200h! smile

  3. @WorldofLuxury: It appears that the electronic brake nannies will still allow certain performance maneuvers:
    (see: ‘enthusiasts’)

    Anyhow, back to the picture…the covered silhouette looks rather nondescript, perhaps there are some additional coverings to add to the secrecy.

  4. @Dan: That’s what I’m thinking, and I doubt Lexus Europe would want to give too many details away smile

  5. THIS IS IT !!!


  6. 668118.jpg

  7. Amazing beauty !!


  8. Yummy! Me wants! smile

  9. @seal: Looks like a bad photoshop. I’ll wait till the official unveil next week.

  10. @(Cj):

    It is NOT A PHOTOSHOP ... trust me wink

  11. 4198697.jpg

  12. It really seems to be the real deal:
    World Car Fans
    Personally,I think it looks spiffing!

  13. 9503838.jpg

  14. new1zq.jpg

  15. @Eljay: Thanks for the link!

    I thought it was a photoshop because in one of the images there was a gap between the top of the headlight and the top of the hood. I hope that the production model doesn’t have that! Maybe its jsut the graininess of the picture?

    Anyway as far as the styling it’s not stunning like the concept. It’s more blah. I’m not sure how this will do in Europe where the cars in this segment are more stylized (the Mini Clubman being one of those cars). But it looks as good as the Mercedes A class and BMW 1 series so it should do ok.

  16. The rear door looks slightly odd in the profile picture, very short, but that may be due to the window shape. Not sure white is the color of choice - but will absolutely try it out when it hits showrooms.

  17. Wow & Wow & Wow !

    Design Damn Nice !

    But , The Rear Window Is Fake , Rear Door Is Tiny , C-Pillar Is Massive , Rear Over-Hang Is Over ... It’s A Bit Weird After The B-Pillar , Seriously ...

  18. I’m glad to see that the design gets such a varried response.In this segment,if a car’s looks don’t create an emotional response it’s not going to succeed.