Lexus Middle East Pursuit of Perfection Commercial

Huge fan of this Lexus commercial from the Middle East:

Reminds me of the classic LS launch commercial—though obviously for a different part of the world. Love this type of lifestyle commercials when they’re done right.



  1. love the music and the filmatography, but there wasnt really a point to it, was there?

  2. It has a nice lifestyle element to it…the Pursuit of Perfection in terms of daily experiences.  But yes it is more philosophical than about cars.

    This Lexus RX ad first aired during the Super Bowl, and is now in rotation along with other Lexus ads during the Olympics coverage in the US.

  3. @Dan:

    wow I liked that RX commercial….

  4. @Josh: Lexus has a long history of technology/innovation-focused commercials, and this continues that tradition nicely. smile