Lexus LF-Ch Interior Photos

Lexus LF-Ch Interior PhotosAt last week’s Toronto Auto Show, I had a chance to take some interior photos of the Lexus LF-Ch, and it was an amazing opportunity to get a close-up look at the handcrafted and one-of-a-kind concept car.

Before entering, I was asked not to touch anything—the interior is delicate and not built to be handled—even the door was opened for me. The steering and pedals are functional, but every other button and lever is purely speculative, meant to give off an impression. In fact, much of the labelling is done with rub-on lettering:

Lexus LF-Ch Interior Photos

Lexus LF-Ch Interior Remote Touch

The driver’s seat had all the feeling of a wood box (which is likely what it’s made from), but every material is beautifully detailed, I loved the look of the fabric:

Lexus LF-Ch Seats

Lexus LF-Ch Door Handle

Sitting in the LF-Ch was a real fanboy moment for me, and my fifteen minutes inside went by in a flash. Here’s the full gallery:



  1. Remarkable.  The detailing is incredibly rich, in fact it reminds me of the LFA, which is on the opposite end of the spectrum!!! I hope many of these details make it production.  BTW, were there any pics of the rear cabin and the iPhone docks?

  2. Dan:BTW, were there any pics of the rear cabin and the iPhone docks?

    They only let me sit in the driver’s seat, so no back seat shots. I tried through the glass but they didn’t turn out.

  3. @krew: OK, thx.  It really is neat to get access to the front cabin, which is where the interesting details are anyways. Kind of funny to hear that they used rub-on lettering, along with wood, but such can be the case with concept interiors I guess.

  4. - That Remote Touch is just like the Toyota version.
    - I hope those paddle shifters aren’t the pressing ones.
    - I like the steering wheel mounted volume switch - not buttons.
    - The aluminum details are exquisite and sturdy - very nice.
    - Leather = nice. Color of leather = blah.
    - The way those buttons blend in is nice, but I would question the sturdiness and convenience of those buttons on the production cars.
    - The chrome ring around the speaker is nice - reminds me of the first-generation IS.
    - All the soft touch and leather-imitating plastics make me want to vomit.
    - Camera rear view mirrors I like; I would be scared of the displays freezing or inability to clearly capture fast moving motorcycles however.
    - The realistic “On, Off, Door” buttons crack me up, and so do the spotlights.

    The car says LFA all over it, and it’s amazing how real this concept is.

    If Lexus retain all those details because of the special way the car is designed, I… would be absolutely speechless. The wood on the back of the seats are just amazing. Wonder if you can steal those iPhones…

    aha I definitely pay a trusted tuner big bucks to make the exterior and interior the way the concept is.

  5. i think the interior is tooo shiny…...
    if this went into production…...the shiny stuff may distract the driver

    but they wont put it to production this way!

  6. Audi is offering so much right now. I wish Lexus could offer Coach Editions again… and maybe spice it up with a Mark Levinson stereo that has Alicia Keys signature somewhere visible (Alicia Keys because of the Lexus-Alicia Keys partnership).

    hmm… full leather interior with beautiful, contrasting colors.
    - Sumptuous, semi-aniline leather
    - thick, supple Coach leather for further contrasts
    - nicely stitched suede ceiling with flowing designs appropriate for both genders and for many generations to come
    - speakers like those in which the center are yellow and surrounded by black and a nice, solid, single-piece aluminum framing and chrome accents
    - a sleeker Nav interface without compromises in speed and functionality
    - dark Bubinga wood
    - LED ambient lights/ bright, white reading lights on the ceiling/ warm yellow-green-red lights for the floor (no ugly light bulbs)
    - Coach luggage and bags and manuals and first-aid kit
    - ... a leather/suede bench that can be pulled out of the trunk…

    ...I have so much more in my mind, and it’s all because I saw a Lexus LS Coach edition today, and NetCarShow released the latest Aston Martin Rapide pictures. I began researching more about Coach Edition Lexus vehicles, and NetCarShow blocked me after I downloaded too many pictures of the Rapide - didn’t get to a lot of the fancy interior pictures crying

  7. @WorldofLuxury: I wish Lexus would start offering Coach editions again too. Those were pretty cool.

    What exactly is Audi offering? Speaking of Audi, what’s their deal with putting down everybody now? Have you seen those anti-BMW/Merc commercials? Like the one where it talks about in every race there is a clear winner, and a clear loser. It then goes on to talk about how it feels to lose, than says that BMW knows what it’s like. That’s hilarious.

  8. only the moonroof overhead panel seems production ready! lol

    Im also interested that the car may have an electronic parking brake

  9. I’ve seen the LF-Ch at the LA auto show from the outside, and I fell in love with the exterior design. Very slick with an aggressive front. I hope the production-ready CT200h keep much of the design. Thanks for the interior pics. Very nice indeed.

    My only concern is with the accelerator and brake paddles. From the pics, they appears to have openings in them? I can see potential hazard with female drivers wearing high heels. Last thing I want to hear is a recall because the heel get caught in the opening.

    I don’t mind getting one if it ever come out.

  10. @James: I know I won’t like the public’s reaction, but I do enjoy the fact that Audi categorizes Lexus with Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

    And to remind you guys again, I’m a huge Lexus fan. Sometimes, my constructive criticisms might be a little overboard but only because I’ve been holding my grudge - there weren’t many places to complain about Lexus vehicles and actually feel like I said something meaningful.

  11. @WorldofLuxury: Yeah, I knew you were a huge Lexus fan. All though you give reason to doubt when you talk about trading your LX in for an X5.

  12. @James: aha X5 always looked really beautiful until the X5 M came out. The blue one had a back that reminded me of a die cast or RC toy car.