No Lexus CT 200h for USA?

Lexus CT 200h Teaser

Edmund’s Inside Line is reporting that the new Lexus CT 200h may not be coming to the USA:

The curious got a first glance at the Lexus CT 200h on Friday via a teaser shot of the car’s cat’s-eye taillight, ahead of the full hybrid compact’s debut at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show in March. But U.S. consumers are unlikely to see this Lexus in their driveway anytime soon, Toyota told Inside Line.

“There are no plans, at present, to bring this vehicle to the U.S.,” said Toyota spokesman Curt McAllister in response to an e-mail query from IL.

Knowing that compact hatchbacks don’t typically perform well with American consumers AND with the HS 250h already on sale filling the “entry-level hybrid” role in the U.S. lineup, it’s not that difficult to see Lexus USA’s reasoning, at least in the short term. The 1.8L I4 engine might also be figuring into the decision—I would wouldn’t be surprised to see Lexus USA waiting until the engine options are increased and something more powerful is available.




  1. Understandable, but maybe they could put in a bigger engine if they think people would then buy it.

  2. I hope it comes to Canada or just sell it in Quebec seeing we love small cars.

  3. @Jesseps: Alrighty! That’s it! Are there any Americans here? aha Just wondering…

  4. I will be pissed the &&(^%) off if Lexus doesn’t bring it here….PISSED THE &*%^& OFF

  5. I could see why lexus won’t bring it, we have a small hybrid already plus i don’t see it “fitting into our main culture of cars” here in the states as compared to Europe where everyone seems to drive a mini cooper or smart car lol

  6. @WorldofLuxury: hahaha IKR! LOL

  7. Meanwhile, the CT 200h debut plans continue…

    The LF-Ch flickr account is active again with progress pics.

  8. As tempting as it is gloat and think of it as payback for us not getting the Scion brand (except the xD rebadged as Urban Cruiser) and the FJ Cruiser,I won’t.I’m just too darn nice. wink