Next-Generation Lexus SC Rendering

With the Lexus SC 430 in its final months of production, our attention turns to what happens next—and Top Speed is more than happy to oblige with this rendering of the next-generation SC put together by photochopper Avarvarii:

Next Generation Lexus SC 2012

This rendering hits a lot of the right notes—the next generation SC has a lot of potential depending on how much of the LFA’s design it borrows—and I especially like the LFA front-end with a more traditional grille. The rendering gets a little dull in the side profile and the rear, but the size is right if the 3SC is moved up to truly compete with the Mercedes SL & BMW 6-Series.

(I’m also hoping for a fixed-roof coupe along with a convertible, rather than one or the other.)

[Source: Top Speed]



  1. Looks good. This wouldn’t be a bad template for Lexus to start from when the do roll out the next gen SC.

    I agree that there should be a Coupe and Roadster variant of the next SC, but my hope that it’s more Jaguar XK than BMW 6 series. I don’t like the 6 series at all and it seems to be more of a giant 5 series coupe than grand touring roadster.

    Anyway if Lexus keeps the back seat then it’s not going to be the 2 seater SL roadster some were hoping for.

  2. I’m digging the headlights!  I wish the color was more blue rather then teal.

  3. What happened to Lexus-Riley at the Rolex 24 at Daytona?! It’s already really sad that Juan Pablo Montoya is gone.

  4. That’s a good-looking and yet reasonable rendering. I like the front end and it looks sleek from the side without the “big butt” that the IS250/350C have.  Doubt I could afford it though sad but still can’t wait to see the 3SC. A hard-top, non-convertible would be great as well but I still think a hard-top convertible is OK.

  5. Home the 3SC will be a 2-door coupe and a true 2+2 so it can compete against MB S-Coupe and a few others.

    What I am looking for like Ferrari power, RR craftsmanship and Lexus pricing wink Now that be an awesome 3SC.

  6. This thing really needs to take on the 6-Series, not the SL. This could be the first car designed with an F variant in mind, which would do really well. A coup and a convertible SC to go along with the new GS would be amazing if Lexus can bring some of the LF-A into the mix

  7. That is one sexy rendering! smile cool

  8. good rendering! nice looking car. let´s hope the concept car of the 3SC isn´t so far away!

  9. Wunko:That's a good-looking and yet reasonable rendering. I like the front end and it looks sleek from the side without the "big butt" that the IS250/350C.

    The rendering is that of a soft top convertible that’s why. If the next gen SC is a hard top it’ll probably have a frumpy butt wink

  10. i love it

    but their are also some great rendering as


  11. It’s a shame that this is just a rendering and will never see production because this is the best looking Lexus I have ever seen yet. It would be nice if they would get away from the impracticle folding hardtop and go with a high quality soft top like MB and Audi that makes the trunk usable with the top down. The IS-C just looks bad from the back because of the space required for the folding hardtop.

  12. That @mtema99: That LFA-inspired SC rendering is the one I thought of first when seeing this post, and it is very alluring. It seems to also be from the same artist.

  13. @Enthusiast: I would hope that the next SC has both soft-top convertible and fixed top coupe variants, but most companies like BMW for instance are moving toward hardtops so I would expect Lexus to continue the hardtop trend…

    What we can hope is that they somehow are able to reduce the mass of the top in a way that it takes up less trunk space, and doesn’t make the cars butt look big.

  14. @Dan:
    yeah i guess
    they are both from same website

  15. @(Cj):

    no i guess i read an article that the next generation ‘ll be a convertible soft-top
    i ‘ll try to search about it and put the link

  16. @mtema99: I remember that article, but I’m not sure Lexus would go from hard top to soft top. I personally like that idea, but many would see that as them going “backwards”.

    Either way, I hope a fixed top Coupe is offered along side the convertible for the next gen.