Lexus LF-Ch Survey Results

Lexus LF-Ch

If you’re a regular TLE reader, you may remember the LF-Ch online survey that Lexus USA conducted last September—here are the final results:

Lexus LF-Ch Survey Results 1

Very clearly, the front-end design is a hit with the 3,281 voters—more than half liked a combination of the front and front 3/4 angles.

Lexus LF-Ch Survey Results 2

No surprises here—the LF-Ch is certainly sporty & aggressive. Interesting is the more negative reactions, with only 10% of respondants thinking that the concept was either busy & bulky or bland & dull.

Lexus LF-Ch Survey Results 3

This points the way to the production LF-Ch’s success—if it can keep the aggressive stance while maintaining the sporty front-end design (headlight & front grille), there’s going to be plenty of interest.

Lexus LF-Ch Survey Results 4

My thinking is that the production interior is going to take a lot of design cues from the concept—voting was much more spread out than with the other questions.

Lexus LF-Ch Survey Results 5

With the release of production LF-Ch/CT 200h spy shots, I would say this last question has been answered by default. It would have been nice to see a regional breakdown of voters in order to gauge North American interest specifically, but with the concept’s current USA autoshow tour, I’d say the probability is quite high that the CT 200h will be a worldwide vehicle, and not just limited to Europe & Japan.

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  1. The survey wasn’t easy, but I like the final results.

  2. To be honest, I’m surprised that 90% of the people said that Lexus should build the LF-Ch. I dread seeing this little things on the streets though. I hope the production version is better than the concept.

    My main concern is that Lexus will evenually devalue the Lexus brand. Then it won’t be a big deal to own a Lexus anymore, something that might scare off potential next generation GS and LS buyers. mad

  3. @James: That’s a legit concern, but BMW has the 1 series and Audi has the A3 so Lexus won’t be the only one with a sub $30K vehicle.

    Only potential thing I see as devaluing the brand is the fact that Lexus has 3 sedans $35K and under. Lexus needs to move the ES upmarket, because no other lux brand has the majority of their sedans in the entry level market.

  4. @(Cj): I guess your right about Lexus not being the only one with a sub $30k vehicle. As long as Lexus balances it out with a few more expensive models, they’ll be okay. So, when the CT200h debutes, I want to see an $85k GS F right behind it.

  5. @(Cj): Speaking of moving things upmarket, what do you think about moving everything up market.

    Make the next generation of the ES, GS, and LS more expensive and closer to their German rivals. Raise the ES350 to about $40k, the GS350 to about $50k, GS460 to about $60, and the LS460 to about $80k. The price increase in the LS would also help close the $40k gap between it and the LSh.

    I think the HS’s price is fine, it has no direct competition and if it goes any higher, future competitors will be able to undercut it’s price and hurt it’s sales. Besides, two cars with price tags below $35k is fine. It’s when they start getting 3 or 4 cheaper cars that it becomes a problem.

  6. James:@(Cj): Speaking of moving things upmarket, what do you think about moving everything up market.

    Make the next generation of the ES, GS, and LS more expensive and closer to their German rivals. Raise the ES350 to about $40k, the GS350 to about $50k, GS460 to about $60, and the LS460 to about $80k. The price increase in the LS would also help close the $40k gap between it and the LSh.

    I think the HS's price is fine, it has no direct competition and if it goes any higher, future competitors will be able to undercut it's price and hurt it's sales. Besides, two cars with price tags below $35k is fine. It's when they start getting 3 or 4 cheaper cars that it becomes a problem.

    Yup I absolutely agree.

    Yeah the HS is fine at it’s price. It should be able to take the ES’s old place so that the ES can move upmarket. But I would like to say that before the HS came I thought that the ES was fine, but now with the entry level HS the ES needs to move up. The IS is also fine at it’s price.

    For the ES to move upmarket, I think the RX450h’s powerplant should be the new standard powerplant for the ES (ES400h), and AWD should also be optional. That would mean that the ES will have 297hp standard and about 35mpg. The HS should get an upgrade to a new 2.5L or 2.7L hybrid powerplant and be the HS300h for the price as the current HS250h.

    The GS should be larger and more upscale inside and out. It needs to be on par with the Jaguar XF in every way. The GS350 should have 320hp standard and it’s interior and exterior need to be better than the 5 and E class. The V8 GS should be a GS500 with 400hp and plenty of torque.

    The next gen LS needs to be a benchmark for the class. It doesn’t neccessarily need to be $80K. $70K would be good. For $70K Lexus should offer a V6 hybrid model like Mercedes is doing, then for $80K they should offer a LS500 with 400hp, then the flagship of the lineup would be the LS600hL with more horsepower more leather and more luxury than ever. The LS600hL needs to be on par with a Bently or a Rolls.

  7. @(Cj): Yeah, the GS really needs to be larger and nicer. I think it should be like a smaller, downscaled version of the LS but with a different body style. Almost as nice but just smaller. And yes, if it’s not on par with the Jaguar XF, Lexus will loose sales. They also must fix the GS’s jerky ride and poor reliability. It’s not really that bad, but it’s not what you’d expect from Lexus. I also think that 320 hp for the GS350 and 400 hp for the GS460 would be necesary.

    I really like the idea of an ES400h. That would move it up market while also justifying the higher price.

    I’m not sure if i’m liking the V6 LS. If anything they need to up the power, not lower it. I know that Mercedes and BMW have V6 powered flagships but to me it’s pointless. Unless it’s a V6 hybrid, I don’t see why Lexus would actually do that. The only reason I thought the next LS should be $80k is because I think that an all leather dash and additional wood trim should be standard, like they are in the LS hybrid. And if the LS price was raised, that would also allow for the GS to move upmarket and allow it to be a little more expensive.

  8. @James: Well I typed up a response but it doesn’t look like it posted because it was too long lol LOL, but anyway a V6 hybrid LS would be cool. It would help to not alienate current lower end LS customers when the V8 LS moves upmarket.

    I agree on the GS and I think an ES400h is the only way for the ES to move up without too many people being unhappy.

    Likewise the HS needs to do a better job of covering the ES market. The HS needs a little more hp standard, hence why I said they need to upgrade it to being an HS300h from an HS250h.

  9. @(Cj): I’m not sure if this is possible but sense Toyota now has a Prius plug-in hybrid, do you think that we may see an HS plug-in? This is dreaming but i’d love to see a V6 LS plug-in hybrid. That’d be awesome. It would also give Lexus an edge in the market because then they’d be the only mainstreem luxury automaker to have a full-size luxury plug-in. I’m already picturing the commercial for it, “some day, cars will be powered very differently. electricity will charge batteries and be combined with gasoline to enhance performance and fuel effiecency. Hello someday!”.

    Also, how do you think that the LS600hL will move upmarket? Will they just have to add more features and raise the price? The only problem is that The LS600hL is such a low volume car, don’t you think that by raising prices and moving it upmarket would alienate more customers? Although, in a way it might almost help. Those customers considering a Bentley Continetal, might consider a Lexus if it was just as nice but had more tech features. However, for that to happen Lexus would really have to shed some weight on the LSh and get it down to about 4,500 lbs so that it would be faster. Because right now it’s not any faster than the non-hybrid LS. And those people considering a Bentley, usualy care about performance as well.

    Remember that “price is no object” study that was done a few years back? Most of the people said that they allready prefered the LS600hL to it’s competitors from Maserati and Bentley. Maybe it does have a chance.

    I’m sure that most of this will never become reality. All though I never thought I’d see a $400k super car from Lexus either. Maybe they’ll surprise us again.


  10. @James: The HS will need a plug in variant in order for it to be differentiated from the ES when the hybrid ES comes out with the next generation. Of course we don’t know if the next ES will be hybrid only or hybrid optional, but a hybrid version is definitely coming since Lexus said they wanted a hybrid variant of everything.

    A plug-in hybrid HS would have to compete with the Cadillac version of the Chevy Volt, so I’d hope that Lexus gets it right if they do make one.

    Also speaking of Cadillac, the next generation Cadillac flagship (the “XTS”) is going to be a V6 plugin hybrid so sadly Lexus wouldn’t be the first one with one.

    About the LS600hL, I was saying that the LS600hL’s luxury needs to match the luxury of Bentley, but be the same price as it is now. Essentially it needs to have Bentley luxury at half the price of a regular Bentley. Now that would help Lexus make a splash in the ultra luxury sector. Currently BMW and Mercedes hold back on the luxury a little bit since they have Rolls and Maybach, but since Lexus doesn’t have another brand above it they can really go all out (like they did with the LFA).

  11. @(Cj): Leave it to Cadillac to screw everything up for Lexus. Oh well, Lexus will always be the “world’s first luxury hybrids”. At least thats something that nobody can take away from them.

    Speaking of the XTS, I’m not sure that it’s going to be a good S-class, LS-line, 7-series competitor. It looks like a bloated up CTS. Besides, today, Cadillac is no longer taken seriously as a competitor to Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW.

    And while we’re on the subject of luxury hybrids, isn’t Audi and Jaguar supposed to come out with hybrids based on the A8 and the XJ? Thats what I heard anyway. It’s amazing how Lexus has created an entirely new kind of car. Before Lexus, there wasn’t any luxury hybrids. Now they’re popping up every.

    That would probably work with the LS hybrid. However I don’t see how they can match the luxury of Bentley without a price increase. or maybe they could have the base LS hybrid stay below $110k, but the fully loaded model could top out at around $150k. Which would still undercut Bently by about $50k.

  12. @James: Yeah, I don’t see Cadillac as a threat to Lexus at all. But they are doing a good job of differentiating themselves with plugins like Lexus differentiated themselves with hybrids a few years ago.

    And now as you said everyone is chasing after Lexus by coming out with hybrids. Mercedes has a hybrid S class out now, BMW has a hybrid 7 series coming out this year, and as you said an A8 hybrid is coming out next year.

    You may be right that it might not be possible to make the LS better without increasing the costs, but I think Lexus could do something. Maybe not up to Bentley level, but the next LShL needs to be special.

  13. @(Cj): You know, every body talks about coming out with hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and alternative fuel vehicles. Howver most of them never make it to production. Just because Cadillac is teasing us with this plug-in XTS, doesn’t mean it will ever be a real car. I’m not doubting the future of the XTS, however I would be too surprised if it came out as a non-hybrid car.

    I guess BMW has no pride, Mercedes did at least do something new. They used a lithium-ion battery and a V6. BMW is copying both Lexus and Merc. They’re using the Hybrid V8 and an 8-speed gearbox while combining it with an Lithium-ion battery. The least they could dp was come up with some new technology, but they even failed to do that.

    No doubt, the next generation LS hybrid will be very special. I would imagine a major performance increase while maintaining an ultra-luxury feel. smile

  14. @James: My guess for the next gen LS and GS hybrids are lithium batteries so that less trunk space would be taken and more power could be possible. The future IS hybrid may also need lithium batteries because there’s not much space in the IS for nickel batteries. That I guess would differentiate the IS hybrid from the HS too.

    The next gen GS hybrid might share it’s powerplant with the future Supra hybrid. A 3.5L V6 plus electric motors with a total output of 400hp. The next gen LS hybrid should have about 500hp.

    As far as Cadillac I think their serious with the XTS, but even so I don’t think it’ll be that successful.

  15. @James:
    Toyota should get back into the game by announcing that they’re fast-forwarding the development of “paper” batteries.

  16. @(Cj): The thing is, it’s ok if Lexus wants to use Lithium-Ion batteries. Because they pioneered the whole “performance hybrid system and were the first to come out with a V8 hybrid, were first to have a full-size luxury hybrid, and were the first to have a range of luxury hybrids. So, even if they do borrow from Merc and use the Lith-Ion batteries, they still were the original range of luxury hybrids.

    It’s like when Lexus developed the Driver Monitoring System, Mercedes copied them and created Attention Assist, which uses a camera to monitor the driver juist like Lexus’ system did. Merc did change it and make it better, but Lexus still gets the credit for creating a driver attention monitor. If Lexus decides to make theit system more like Merc’s, is that copying? No. Because Lexus was the original.

    it’s the same thing with the hybrid drive system.

    @WorldofLuxury: If they could come up with something like the “paper” batteries that would be awesome. Who knows, maybe it’ll happen.

  17. @(Cj):
    I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT THE Toyota SAI! Autoblog was nice enough to provide a full photo gallery, and there are also plenty of videos on YouTube. Like I said before, I can’t believe Toyota even dares to market it as an entry-level luxury hybrid! It even has the Remote Touch that goes by the same name; I’m kinda attracted to the chrome that surrounds the SAI’s Remote Touch, even the underside of the “ball.” hehe… I do find the reversed “h” in the gearbox a bit amusing. Was the h like an accidental thing? I thought the Japanese knew English very well.

    And, as I’ve learned, it’s important to post a picture to attract more attention:
    (I hate those original-IS-F-mimicking wheels.)

  18. @WorldofLuxury: Oh my God! They could be twins! People already call Lexus overpriced Toyota’s, imagine what they’ll say about this.


    It’s almost hard to tell which is which! I hope this remains as a JDM car. gasp

  19. @WorldofLuxury @James

    Wow I never knew about paper batteries, thank for the link WoL. I’m not sure if that technology would be cost effective, but maybe something like that could makes it way into the next gen LFA wink

    Anyway the Toyota Sai is really sad. It’s pretty much just an HS with Toyota badges. I don’t think that their planning to sell it in the US because the Sai was meant to be the Japanese equivalent to the Camry hybrid, which isn’t sold there.

    Btw the HS is only sold in the US and Japan which I find interesting. Europe and other parts of the world are going to get an IS hybrid and of course the CT. So the Sai maybe sold elsewhere as a Toyota who knows.

    Probably markets that have the HS won’t get the Sai and markets that don’t have the HS will have the Sai and IS hybrid?

  20. @WorldofLuxury @James

    Surprisingly I think I like the Sai’s front end better than the HS’s. Something about the HS’s 3 bar Ford-ish grille still doesn’t sit right with me.


  21. @(Cj): I didn’t think about the paper batteries being able to be used on an LFA hybrid. I think that an LFAh would be very cool.

    I read in that article that WoL posted that the paper batteries could be stored in door panels or in the head liner. That would also help to free-up some trunk space in the other Lexus hybrids.

  22. @(Cj): @James: Guys… are you guys really insisting more horsepower and torque for the FWD ES?! I’d hate to think about all the electronic gadgets that Lexus are gonna install to rein down the torque steer. Traction Control is gonna be interfering every second to prevent wheel hop, torque steer, and so much more.

  23. @WorldofLuxury: The FWD RX has a 297hp hybrid drivetrain raspberry

    All I’m saying is for them to put that in the ES standard, and also have an optional AWD model for a little more money.

    @James: I was saying put the paper batteries in the LFA because thats the only car they have where the costs of them would make sense. smile

  24. @(Cj):  You’re right, the LFA is the only car where paper batteries would make sense.

    I’m curious, Are there any hybrid super cars yet? or would the LFAh be the first?

  25. @James: I don’t think there are any hybrid exotics yet but it’s really just a matter of time before we see them poping up all over the place. I don’t think Lexus will be coming out with a next gen LFA for at least another decade so Lexus probably won’t have the first hybrid exotic.

    But the next gen Supra will be hybrid so Toyota may still be the first with a hybrid sports car   wink

  26. @(Cj): Who say’s we have to wait for the next generation? It’s going to be another decade before the 2nd gen LFA, they’ve got time to come up with something.

    By the way, I heard that a “circut tuned” variant is coming in 2012 as a regular car in their line-up. What exactly does that mean?

  27. @James: I think circuit tuned means that most of the luxuries are stripped out and it’s sole purpose is for those that want to take it to the track to race it. That makes sense I guess, but I would like to see a non-F LFA (LA?) that doesn’t have any carbon fiber and has a lower starting price. I’m not sure if that makes sense from a business/marketing standpoint, but I would love an LFA that’s more in the $200K smile

    Still pricey but I may one day be able to afford something like that haha cool

    Anyway, I don’t see a LFAh coming anytime soon. Especially since the first run of LFAs is only 500. That’s why I was postulating an LFAh might not come out until 2021 or something lol! By then all the 1st gen LFA owners will be ready to upgrade AND people that wanted the 1st gen but weren’t selected to get it will have a chance at the second gen.