Lexus & Ryan Leslie Team up for GX 460 Ad Campaign

Lexus USA will be launching a new advertising campaign for the 2010 GX 460 during next month’s BET Honors ceremony—the commercial will feature RNB artist Ryan Leslie and has a very cinematic vibe—here’s a sneak peek:

Along with the teaser clip, Lexus has released a behind-the-scenes interview with Ryan, who looks to fit the role of Lexus spokesman quite easily:

The commercial airs after Ryan Leslie’s BET Honors performance on February 1st, and will kick off a social media campaign to promote the new GX.



  1. I thought the behind the scenes video was better the the 30 second teaser…
    Do you think he needs to pay for his GX? or was that in the contract…

  2. @Joshd: I have strong doubts he would have to pay for his GX. wink

  3. I don’t know where else to say this, but I’m having this problem again… the radio on my 2003 LX 470 won’t turn on! Well, it does. The antenna goes up, but sound doesn’t come out of the freakin’ Mark Levinson stereo that I paid for. This used to be a recurring problem. Then it silenced, and now, IT’S BACK! And as always, I have to stop on the side of the road, turn off the engine, turn off the ignition completely, and finally, restart the engine, and the radio would finally come back on. SO ANNOYING! Also… the rear windshield defogger on the LX doesn’t work well, but I guess that’s just because the airvents are so far away. Btw, don’t get me wrong; the Mark Levinson stereo in my LX is awesome - probably the first Lexus factory-application in the Lexus lineup, and it was a huge hit with all of my friends and myself in particular.

  4. @WorldofLuxury: Do you mean the defogger with the wires imprinted in the rear window?
    Also I thought the LS430 debuted the Mark Levinson system, I may be wrong mad

  5. @LEXUSBOY: Apparently, you’re right about the Mark Levinson being first debuted on the LS430. lol
    and DANG! That’s what those annoying lines are?! Makes sense considering that fog always cleared up around those areas first. And all this time, I never knew. So embarrassing.

    Still, does any other Lexus owner have the same problem with the stereo? I’m tired of stopping on the side of the road, completely turning the car off, and then restarting the engine just to be able to hear how many accidents the recent LA storms have created… and I’m on the side of the road, on a rainy night… fog building up in people’s windshields, rain making visibility worse, sun-deformed windshield wipers not helping, and yada yadah yadah. I hate how my dealer would always go, “I don’t know what’s wrong” or “I’ve never heard about that before” or “I’ve heard of that… let me check… sorry, can’t fix it”, and finally, “Oh, then just stop on the side of the road if your solution works.” - and I’m charged for every visit and useless man hour used. At least my steering wheel alignment is fixed indefinitely and the Maintenance warning light gone.

    I swear… I thought that stupid stereo problem was gone for good crying

  6. Finally, the GX has been launched in the GCC (Arab Gulf) states. The reason seems to have been that as the LX got more expensive a price gap opened between it and the RX that allowed the GX to fit. Also, the fact that the Prado is sold here and that the Land Cruiser is available in a dozen variation, causing price overlaps with Lexus sister models, may have influenced the decision to delay introduction of the GX in the Gulf. The GX460 is priced at around $65600 and $72000 with options package.

  7. @WorldofLuxury: Are you kidding! You didn’t know about the defroster wires all this time ?! Good one LOL
    I’ve always wanted those wires on the front screen too, for quicker demisting. But then again I’d always feel like I’m driving in the Death Race peering through electric wires raspberry
    About your LX, why don’t you change dealers? Also I simply would’ve written to Lexus HQ & demanded a fix to all these problems. You own two high end Lexus cars, you should definitely get a prompt response. To add - no problems with my GS’ Levinson stereo & wiper blades should be changed regularly as they wear out due to sun exposure.