Lexus SC 430 to End Production, Japanese Special Edition Revealed

Lexus SC 430 Eternal Jewel

Lexus has announced that the SC 430 will cease production in July, ending the nine-year run of the second generation sports coupe.

To mark the occasion, Lexus Japan will be offering a special, limited edition dubbed The Eternal Jewel, which will bring an extreme level of customization to both the interior & exterior color choices, including separate colors for the body and the roof:

Lexus SC 430 Eternal Jewel Exterior 1

Lexus SC 430 Eternal Jewel Exterior 2

Lexus SC 430 Eternal Jewel Exterior 3

There’s even more variety in the interior color choices:

Lexus SC 430 Eternal Jewel Interior

Lexus SC 430 Eternal Jewel Interior 1

Lexus SC 430 Eternal Jewel Interior 2

Lexus SC 430 Eternal Jewel Interior 3

Of course, The Eternal Jewel is also marked with some special badging:

Lexus SC 430 Eternal Jewel Badging

The Eternal Jewel will limited to 200 units and will only be available to Japanese customers. You can find more information on Lexus Japan website.

Naturally, the question becomes: What happens next with Lexus’ sport coupe? We can definitely expect a hiatus for the model, similar to what happened in 2001 with the transition from the first-gen SC to the current SC. Rumor suggests that we might see a concept in 2011 and a production model in late 2011/early 2012.

This is strictly conjuncture, but it’s likely the delay has to do with not taking any attention away from the LFA as it builds momentum towards the first production units in early 2011—but once those units start hitting the roads, it will be a natural marketing opportunity to bring out a (relatively) affordable sports coupe that can capitalize on some of the technology and design cues from the LFA.

[Source: Lexus Japan (Translated)]



  1. OMG it’s epic!!

    I love the SC and kind of sad that they’re ending it. sad

  2. A tribute to the ‘Jewel of Lexus’, ending its run with a special edition that keeps that moniker.  Its run was as long as the first gen, and unlike most Lexus cars where each gen builds upon the last, the I vs. II gens were quite different.  Bring on the SC III which should have LFA cues, IMO.

  3. I liked the first gen better, make the 3rd a combination between that with modern LFA styling.

  4. I hope the next generation is available in both coupe and convertible versions. I would also hope its more performance oriented. An F model would also be nice. smile

  5. We’ll miss the SC430 but I still can’t wait to see the next one, especially with an updated design.

    I would hope the next one would still be hard top but a rumor says it will be soft top since the IS250C and IS350C will be Lexus’ hardtop convertibles.

  6. AWESOME! LOVE IT! They should’ve had it all along!

    The next generation SC should be the very definition of what L-finesse is all about! NO COMPROMISES PLEASE!

  7. The SC430 is one of my favorite cars. The 2nd gen. SC and the 2nd gen. GS were the best Lexus has put out!

  8. I’d like to see several items on the next gen SC

    1) Dedicated hardtop model (no retractable top) and dedicated softtop model.

    2) F variant

    3) NO MORE runflats!

    4) Adjustable sport suspension similar to GS line

    5) Staggered wheels wouldn’t hurt, but at LEAST less offset so the wheels don’t look so sunk in from in front and behind.

  9. If they are only to be made for Japan, why would they write “The Eternal Jewel” in English?

  10. REALLY?:If they are only to be made for Japan, why would they write "The Eternal Jewel" in English?

    ‘cause it’s pretty? aha
    and many Japanese people studied Japanese in school, and a lot of their vocabs include phonetically translated English words. Addtionally, many English words are just understood by foreigners who speak other languages, pretty much in the same way that the word Disneyland, “We the people”, and some freeway names and exits can be easily recognized without actually having to read the whole word.

  11. Btw, nice key - traditional shape, a physical insignia, and no stupid lettering (sticker or engraving) on the front.

    But this key doesn’t have lettering either…:

  12. Really nice way to end the SC430.

    I hope the next SC will be like a MB CL, that can fit 4 people and add that interior styling they have for this special edition and make it look like the LFA and now you got yourself an awesome tourer that could go up against MB, Maserati and a few others. Make it like a poor mans LFA wink

  13. @jesseps: Interesting idea. I think I’d prefer a Mercedes SL competitor over a Mercedes CL. I think an LS Coupe (if there ever was one) could go up against the CL, while the SC should go up against high performance roadsters like the SL.

  14. I don’t know why so many people dislike the current generation so much (not on this site but in the public’s eyes). It’s a wonderful work of art. The lines, the curves, the sheet metal, everything about the 2nd gen shows emotion. A very simple design that evokes the soul. The 2nd gen will age gracefully. Hopefully the 3rd gen will do the same thing.

  15. @(Cj): Yeah, I think it would go against the Mercedes SL rather than the CL. They should either make it a true four seater or just a two seat roadster. One way or the other.

    What about making something like the Mercedes SLR and SL? The SL looks similar to the SLR but isn’t as fast and is about a fourth of the price. They could make the next SC look like a smaller, tuned-down LFA. With a full F-model variant to go along with it, like an SL63

  16. About time, the SC is way overdue to be either replaced or simply ceased. That stated, the SC is the only example in the Lexus range i believe is no longer warranted and can easily be replaced by the IS convertible even if the car is smaller.

    Don’t replace it, just let is go although in style as Lexus has planned.

    Also ... time to put to rest the aging 4.3 and 4.7 V8’s aswell which will leave the more modern 4.6, 5.0 and 5.7 petrol V8’s as the remaining bent eights in the Toyota / Lexus lineup.

  17. Its so sad to see the SC go, but Lexus seriously limited it’s appeal when they made it convertible only as it turned away customers (like myself) who wanted a Lexus coupe. The SC brand has such high value that I’m sure we’ll see a 3rd gen SC within the next 2-3 years. So once again Lexus has only a single 2-door model viz IS-C.
    Those SC color options look far better than the L-Select options for the LS. This is how it should be done & it’s still a fantastic interior design !
    My favourite is the two-tone beige color in the 2nd image right, should be made available in LS.

  18. I reckon the next SC will be based off the GS platform (same as now) with maybe two variants :-
    - SC 500
    - SC-F
    In order for the SC-F to be a proper sporting car, it has to be a fixed head coupe. So the 3rd gen SC will almost certainly be a coupe/soft top model. A Merc CL rival is unlikely, though great as such a car would be sales would be limited.
    Fingers crossed…

  19. @WorldofLuxury: Nice picture of the key, did you take it yourself ? cool

  20. @LEXUSBOY: Nah. It was from a dealer and was posted in one of the articles on this site.