Production Lexus LF-Ch Spotted!

It’s been rumored that the production Lexus LF-Ch would see its debut at the Frankfurt Geneva Auto Show in March, and now Autoblog has the first spyshots that may very well prove the point:

Lexus CT Production LF-Ch

Lexus CT Production LF-Ch

Lexus CT Production LF-Ch

For comparison, here’s a similar photo of the LF-Ch concept:

Lexus LF-Ch

It looks like the aggressive wheel arch has been retained, though much of the rear bumper’s muscular look has been toned down, along with the taillights, which now look similar to the RX design. The super-detailed wheels have also been replaced with a more typical Lexus design.

This push toward practicality had to be expected—the LF-Ch concept did a great job at capturing the imagination, but it was far too complex for a production model. From what I can see, Lexus did exactly what was necessary with the rear design—it’s the front-end styling that’s going to be more pivotal.

[Source: Autoblog]



  1. looks like a small CUV. not bad, but not great either. any info if this thing is coming to north america?

  2. Jeez, why not keep the taillights!! I understand the rear bumper being toned down, but the taillights should have stayed. They were very similar to the LFA II prototype. We lost those taillights now we lose these ones. Take some risks Lexus.

  3. wwoww tht was FAST!.. YA I know!!! Keep the tail lights!!! Come on LEXUS. I want something FRESH!  YOU totally have the ability too.smilesad

  4. @Eddie: fingers crossed. FRONT END. PLEASE dont mess up. AGAIN.

  5. The rear lights looked cool on the concept but from a safety perspective I’d guess they were too thin and narrow to be highly visible.

  6. this looks way to much like the RX, thumbs down from me

  7. @krew: as far as i know is that Lexus will show the production car at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010 for the first time. Europe and Japan will see this car within 2010 at there dealers - NA a few months later.

    I don´t believe that Lexus shows the LF-Ch in NA without having in mind for a market release. e.g. Lexus didn´t showed the HS 250h in Europe cuz they don´t wonna sell this car in Europe.

    I guess we will see the LF-Ch in many countrys around the world.

  8. I think this can be OK with the right color and nice wheels, the rear window distinguishes it from the competition. The front remains to be seen, hope they don’t make it too dull - it needs to stand up to the new Alfa Giulietta.

  9. meh i don’t know, i just don’t have any strong feeling about this car. It just looks kind of strange, unless it’s fast and cheap I don’t see why this is any better than an IS

  10. Oi people I am willing to bet a good sum of money on the rear lights being scaled down versions of the LX one’s. You know with the LED strips, if im right, that should look good, but I pray Lexus havnt changed the front from the concept too much and this better not be an expensive Toyota Auris.

  11. I like the car and believe it will become a welcomed addition to the Lexus range. At this point in time, i am most interested in the engine / drivetrain options.

    Also ... Lexus Australia has been lobbying to receive this car so i hope they succeed.

    That said, i have been waiting for the IS350 and GS350 to arrive on our shores for some time now however it is said us Aussies will receive 5 LFA’s that will probably end up in the garages of Dealer Principals.

  12. Why are you guys complaining?
    I told you guys, but noooo…! You guys just had to complain about the concept’s taillights being too much!

    - two annoying extra pillars in the rear windows
    - no hidden rear windshield wiper
    - looks like a Mazda

    The rear shoulder looks strong and goes around the back, but that doesn’t seem to be the best use of space, but of course, it’s minor or maybe an optical illusion.

    No baby LFA look crying Lucky Alfa Romeo fans…

  13. I think it looks great and will stand out.

    I agree with WorldofLuxury tho. The rear windshield wiper should have been hidden to give it a more classy look.

  14. Pond:The front remains to be seen, hope they don't make it too dull - it needs to stand up to the new Alfa Giulietta.

    That’s the big question—how close to they keep it to the LF-Ch? Lexus could keep it very close to the concept, or even a mix between the concept & the IS, and I would be happy. The lights will be bigger, just like with the rear design.

    The great thing about the front lights is that they will likely be using the hybrid LED lights, which is so distinctive and stylish.

  15. travis:I agree with WorldofLuxury tho. The rear windshield wiper should have been hidden to give it a more classy look.

    I don’t know that this design could handle the bulkiness of a top-mounted windshield wiper, but I can’t disagree that it would have been nicer to have it hidden.

  16. As long as its under $42k CDN with options I’ll be very happy. I hope its a 2-door LOL

  17. It’s way too early and not enough of the vehicle has been revealed, but I have to say, I’m really excited about this car. I don’t think that the rear design is a letdown at all—there was no way those concept tails were going to make it to production and I wasn’t really a big fan of the giant muscle air vents anyway.

  18. Did anyone else notice the L emblem?  Doesn’t the L seem bigger then normal?  PS who is lexus targeting this car to?

  19. @joshd: The L emblem doesn’t look any bigger to me, might just be the angle—as for who this car is for, I’d say it fits into the European market very nicely. That’s the primary target.

  20. rear looks same, sadly, as this rendering-by-auto-express, I SURE hope not the front doesnt:  also would have liked the concept rear, the front i hope is left in it…

  21. Those tail lamps look similar to the IS-C’s to me, and I’m definitely ok with that.  Crossing my fingers on a non-hybrid model!

  22. its officially called the CT200H, just showed up on all lexus dealer parts info yesterday!

  23. Does anyone know about the price range of this car?

  24. Mark:Does anyone know about the price range of this car?

    Seeing its targeting the 1-series and A3, seeing those two are starting at around $28k. The LF-Ch (CTh) has to be starting at like $25k-$26k, that be quite logical.

    If its going to be called the CT200h. They have to be using an I4 1.8L similar to the the Prius for the 200 to make any sense. Seeing the 450h is actually a 3.5L but its considered 4.5L because of the electric motor. I hope they tweak it a bit though, seeing 178 hp not that much and they need like 200-230 hp to compete against the 1-series and A3.

  25. @jesseps: I don’t think they’ll up the horsepower much from the Prius engine (they didn’t up the horsepower AT ALL for the HS).

    You’ve got to look at it differently. The A3 TDI only has 140hp and cost like $31K or something. The LF-Ch’s MAIN competitor will be the DIESEL A3 not, the gas one.

    Price-wise, the Prius with leather and 17 inch wheels, cost $27K so the CT200h will probably cost a little more (because of the higher quality interior and such). The HS costs $4K more than a similarly equipped Camry hybrid, so the price of the “CTh” could be as high as $31K USD. I hope it’s not that high, but you never know…

  26. The rear-end looks very Mazda-ish, referring to the 3HB. Any case, I can’t wait to see the production version. I know the front end is going to tone down a lot.

  27. If this is the car that will break Lexus in Europe, it doesn’t compete against the 128i. The entry level 1-series here is the 116i/118i (depending on country), with 122/143hp, followed by 120i with 170hp. In that context, the CT200h with 187hp(?) has the upper hand, esp. when considering torque.

    And as pointed out above, A3 and 1-series diesels (115-140hp) are big sellers and will be the competition for the fuel-conscious buyer.

    If is is to take on 1-series in NA, a CT300h is probably needed.

  28. I love the design,and actually prefer the production tail lights as I thought the concept ones were just a wee bit over-designed. The indications my local dealership has given me on the price is very positive! It’ll be exciting to see if there’ll be more than one drive line option as the trademark applications for CT200h,300h and 400h suggests.