Chromed Lexus LS 460

The shiny foil is usually reserved for the Lexus LX, but someone in Kuwait went ahead and decided to give it a go with an LS 460:

Chromed out Lexus LS 460 1

Chromed out Lexus LS 460 2

Chromed out Lexus LS 460 3

Chrome-wrapping is a disturbing trend, though there’s some solace in the fact that it’s unlikely to catch on in North America—too much potential for vandalism and public humiliation.

(Thanks Fhaad!)


While on the topic of the Lexus LS in the Middle East, check out this absolutely insane video (DO NOT TRY THIS):



  1. The wheels ruin it

  2. You would think that if your spending that crazy amount to chrome out your car, you can afford to buy a nice set of shoes for it raspberry
    I don’t think lexus intended the 460 to drift…

  3. @Stan: To put chrome or gold on a car is retarded.wink Those rims are the smallest problem this car has, first is the paint job then it’s the owner who thinks that chrome might be cool on a car. The poor car,sad:angry:

  4. I prefer the chrome to that silver paint from Lexus that looks virtually matte. Unintended matte finish is never good.

    Also, the LS really isn’t the best choice for drifting. Those people in the videos have nice skills, space, and the fact that most of them aren’t in the US. I’m just disturbed by how small the LS looks in the second picture.

    Why do some markets have that extra intake below the front grille?

    Anyways, there are many times when I messed up in my LS while attempting to drift. Because the LS is not purpose-built, it’s so unpredictable sometimes. Just the slightest change in environment conditions or the slightest difference in tire, suspension, or power delivery response messes everything up. Oh… and the lack of a limited-slip differential boosts the hazard level tremendously.

  5. @WorldofLuxury: Nope, ANY matte paint is better then chrome or gold, my guess is that Lexus knows better, of course that our tastes might not be the same, but chrome will always be tasteless on any car.

  6. i’d like to see a matte black LS one day…but man that video is just one of a kind stupidity. though that LS at the end is nice.
    it’s videos like this that make me wish that Lexus had the silliness and lunacy of a Lamborghini…if they can incorporate everything they put into the LFA into their future models (except tail light design) then i think Lexus would be perfect.

  7. @LFAaddict: And except the 400000$ price tag.raspberry

  8. I like the chrome-finish, and predict the US WILL get chromed-out luxury cars in the future
    Not even a question of if, but when

    Certainly better than the matte black

  9. I’m not into the chrome paint but I don’t see what’s wrong with the OEM five-spoke wheels. I like those better than the other wheel choices.

    I wonder what happens if you get caught driving like that on the streets there…

  10. @Wunko: they’re too simple and ordinary for this paint job

  11. way too gaudy. who needs that much fake chrome?

  12. Looks like an unpainted aluminum finish. Profile shot looks great despite 5-spoke wheels. In the photo #2 the LS is dwarfed by the new Caprice on its left (the old Caprice Classic is parked to the right)