Lexus LFA on Top Gear

Earlier today, the Lexus LFA made its Top Gear appearance—first off, you can watch The Stig’s lap around the track (likely on Youtube for a limited time only):

The LFA, in wet track conditions, made it around the track in 1:22.3, which beat the Lamborghini Gallardo as the fastest wet lap on the show so far.

The full episode will be on and off of Youtube for the next couple days, if you’re familiar with BitTorrent, you can always download the episode at Final Gear.

Update: Just watched Richard Hammond’s LFA feature on Youtube, and it’s pretty much amazing despite the expected Top Gear putdowns:

I would watch it quick, though, chances are it won’t last on Youtube for the day.



  1. this is SUPERCAR!!


    THANKS Lexus/Toyota

  2. i actually have the url for the entire episode, but i’m afraid if i post it will be taken off….bah who cares! here it is!


  3. “”
    youtube video also found.

  4. DAMN !

    The LFA murdered and it did it on a WET track….imagine the DRY o_0 ! It killed the lambo and all those other cars who did it on a DRY track…the suspension and weight and all that good stuff are killer.

  5. Good show. Great time! Too bad they toned down the exhaust sound. Being Top Gear, I had expected them to exaggerate the something that they, Jezza in particular, would compliment.

    The UK lineup is one interesting thing though. The IS, the people’s car, is available in the from of an efficient gas engine with a manual, an efficient gas engine with an auto, a very efficient diesel, an efficient convertible, and the almight IS F to let the LFA have some sense. The rest are just expensive hybrids.

    I think Lexus’ image in Great Britain isn’t that bad. But the way Hamster described a person saying that the expensive Lexus was in the way… or was ready…, it made Lexus fans look like rebellious yuppies.

    Oh wells. I’m still by the side of Lexus. They really should make a proper convertible for the Brits, and do stuff…

  6. I hope they try it on dry track soon because it has to beat 1min 19secs

  7. Jezza is idiot.
    What he only cares is british cars aston martin ... .

  8. i have to be honest…i don´t like “the way Top Gear talks about the LFA”. Or is it that i just didn´t understand the british humor?

    The LFA is a TRUE supercar and worth the money.

  9. I hope they do it again when the track is dry, then maybe the time can be below 1:20.

    This shows you just how biased Top Gear is. For the LFA, the track is super wet and looks like it just got through raining. When they tested the Ascari, a British supercar, they waited a few days to let the track dry up.

    And does every single LFA review talk about it’s high price tag like it’s insane? Nobody talks about how the Meredes SLR is $500k. Why put down the LFA just because it’s expensive.

  10. I found the Richard Hammond review on Youtube and have updated the post with the video.

    Super awesome, as long as you ignore the British barbs.

  11. i’ve never seen Hamster actually laugh while driving a car he enjoys…wow. this must really be good.

  12. 340 thousand POUNDS? i think thats wrong. that means $541,468 US dollars..that can’t be right…

  13. @LFAaddict:

    Actually that price is correct.

    For some reason, Lexus have always been much more expensive in the UK. It’s like how the LS460 starts at ₤62k, which is equal to $100k.

  14. HEYY. i have a question. how do you download the full episode on an imac?

  15. “At the end of the day… yep I’m in the Lexus.  Oh God you’ll never get away from that.”

    What a dumb thing to say, ruined the review.  Well that and the silly extraneous graphics ruined the review.

    “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
        By any other name would smell as sweet” -Bill Shakespeare

  16. Look at the keys in the ignition at 3:15 for an example of acceleration G’s.

    i love it. cool

  17. I watched the show and was pretty unimpressed by the top gear evaluation.  Based on their comments while driving it is obvious that this car has been designed for those who love to drive.  Not for the half-hearted (want the car to do all the work) pretenders out there.  This machine is a work of art! cool

  18. Lexusluver:"At the end of the day… yep I'm in the Lexus.  Oh God you'll never get away from that."

    What a dumb thing to say, ruined the review.  Well that and the silly extraneous graphics ruined the review.

    "What's in a name? that which we call a rose
          By any other name would smell as sweet" -Bill Shakespeare

    Exactly, and what a brilliant way to quote a famous literary figure!

  19. top gear only cares about british carz….......
    if land rover built a super car the achieves 0-60 in 2 dayz and cost 1 billion dollarz….
    they will praise it….......
    and jeremy willl buy 3 of those…..

    aaahh juzz 4 get it…....

  20. @DuDE: I do praise Land Rover for most of their designs, particularly the LR3/4 and the Range Rover. I’m still getting used to the facelifts; I still kinda prefer the pre-facelift exteriors of the LR3 and Range Rover. The interior, on the other hand, went from excellent to outstanding!

    The Range Rover is just full of wood and leather and stitching - it even has stitching and perforated leather in the ceiling. The LR4 looks very strong on the inside, and there is a lot of leather. The Range Rover Sport never looked that nice both on the outside and inside, but the facelift has improved both dramatically, and plus, the Sport Autobiography options are just breathtaking… very warm and welcoming, personal, and sporty.

  21. okey…....
    i admit it…...
    but other carz deserve some of what u said olso…
    i think they are not honest with cars…...@WorldofLuxury:

  22. @DuDE: aha Come on… it’s Top Gear. They’re about entertainment, and if you want an honest opinion from a British, you’ll get it. The opinion might not be true for you and me, but it should be good enough for many British audiences.

    I would’ve bought a Range Rover if it weren’t for its stupid problems. That’s why I have an LX 470 right now, which, unfortunately, is filled with more soft-touch/hard plastics than I would’ve liked. Also, the LX isn’t as reliable and dependable as you might have expected from Lexus, but I still love it. (Note that I said love… I can always love it, but not always like it. aha)

  23. come on man…....
    top gear may be a british show…
    but it is popular all around the world….
    they only care about “how fast a car can go”
    they do not realise a full potential of a car….
    and…..............they hate lexus@WorldofLuxury:

  24. @DuDE: I know they do. But I think it’s best if you hold off the argument that “they only care about ‘how fast a car can go’” because that is what the LFA is all about.

    I understand how amazing the LFA is, and we’re just gonna have to deal with the hating from Top Gear until Lexus becomes a more serious player in the European market. (And when they get serious with those markets, they shouldn’t forget about us customers here in the US. We’re the whole reason why Lexus still exists.)

  25. @WorldofLuxury: hey man…....
    i did not say i hate top gear…....
    but they have a negative approch to lexus

  26. @DuDE: Aha I understand, my man.

  27. @WorldofLuxury: finally some 1….