Flickr Find: Photos of the Gold Lexus LX 570

It was announced last week that a 24k gold-leaf Lexus LX 570 would be displayed at the Dubai Auto Show—and now the first images have arrived by way of Flickr user AlBargan:

Gold Lexus LX 570 2

Gold Lexus LX 570 2

Be sure to check out AlBargan’s photo gallery for larger images of the LX and plenty more from the Dubai Auto Show.

Surprised to saythe matte & muted look of the gold leaf looks pretty good—although the LX will be covered with a veneer once the gold leaf application is complete, and that’s likely to change the look. I certainly hope it stays in that black & gold two-tone.

[Source: AlBargan’s Photostream]



  1. eh, seems like a waste of money…..

  2. what a waste of gold

  3. Ugly small wheels -___-

  4. yeah they picked the cheapest LX

  5. Small wheels because the agent in the UAE is making ridiculous margins, if you look into the LX570 or the ISC300 (we don't get the 3.5, engine even saving money and giving us the old 3.0 engine) we get the 17 inches wheels, and for the ISC in particular they're the ones coming from the sedan it looks really funny since it desperately needs bigger wheels due to the redesign of the boot

  6. @Zaidoun Arbad: So the smaller wheels and smaller engine displacement w/o direct-injection has nothing to do with performance? emissions? other laws? cultural preferences (nahhh)?

    I noticed that you guys don’t even get the better engine in the LS 460 but rather the cheaper, less powerful and less efficient version that Lexus puts in the GS 460. Kinda sucks for you guys…

  7. How do they keep the gold from melting in the heat? Can’t you just pinch it and easily leave a mark? Anyways, gold is a great insulator to keep the heat out, which makes it functionally perfect for the Middle East.

  8. Nope.  Tackier than grillz.  Just because something can be plated with gold doesn’t mean it should.


  9. The only way I (almost) like this LX is if I pretend it’s not real gold. cool

  10. @Lexus Luver: Agreed.

  11. the point is they decided to take a cucumber and put it into a pickle jar because they thought it would be cool…yeah, well, it looks like junior got loose with his crayola glitter crayons….gold EMOTION? really? emotion?

  12. @Lexus Luver:
    at that picture…it scares me because of the suddenness, and that guy in the back looks pretty stunned too… he’s thinking “wooooh! grandpa Joe has those too!”

  13. “Bling Bling money aint a thing” LOL

    They should have just gold leafed the hood that would have just been interesting smile