Japanese Lexus LFA Commercial!

I wasn’t expecting this—Lexus Japan has released an actual commercial for the LFA:

Also from Lexus Japan is this new cut of the LFA’s launch video, featuring new music and some 3D animation of the supercar’s engine and brakes:

The Roar of an Angel—what a tagline.

(Both of these videos were posted by O.N.O., who was responsible for the music.)



  1. Nice, and also very nice how the LFA has a lot of family members - the original concept, the many prototypes and mules, the other concepts, and the Nurburgring racecars.

  2. this makes me pray that they make a 30 second ad or better yet a superbowl ad for the LFA…yes!!! a superbowl ad would be an amazing idea!!! i liked the second video better though. smile

  3. @LFAaddict: An LFA superbowl ad wouldn’t be a bad idea. That would certainly get the message across that Lexus is interested in performance cars. It might make people think of Lexus as a sporty, youthfull brand rather than a brand simply for the older people.

  4. @James: The LF-Ch would definitely be unveiled in time. I think Lexus should be the main sponsor with one main-attention getting advertisement.

    (No gender discrimination intended.)
    The LFA would come into focus, being challenged by the LF-Ch driven by a mother in an underground parking structure, and then, an F-tuned LF-Ch driven by a teen boy would be behind the LFA by a millimeter as they all exit the parking structure. Afterwards, the LFA would be racing along the Pacific Coast Highway and would be joined by an F-tuned IS-C; however, the F-sport accessories aren’t apparent at first because we only see the top half the car and the beautiful female passengers in it, but then, the camera would focus on the male driver, who floors the gas pedal (camera then spins around and targets the F-sport logo on the brake calibers and then back to the tailpipes, and we hear the exhausts). Finally, an IS F would cut off the IS-C as they all head to Laguna Seca, past the peaceful Lexus vehicles on display by the 17-Mile Drive in the Pebble Beach Resort, and when they finally get to the raceway, the Nav on the LFA would say, “You are now at your destination. Your route guiding is now finished.” The mysterious LFA driver, would use the Remote Touch to cancel all additional addresses that were to follow Laguna Seca; the IS F cuts in front of the LFA as it drifts around with its beautiful, grunting exhausts, but the LFA ultimately passes the IS F. At that time, an old man with racing gloves that don’t cover his wrist (and hair) grasps the Remote Touch in the LFA; Scott Pruett smirks and says, “Don’t do that”; and surprise, surprise, it’s James Sloan, who says, “I’m bock,” (governator pun intended), “Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” ...and the camera is suddenly behind the LFA’s triple exhausts… we hear the shrieking sound as the camera backs up… the IS F passes by with its loud grunt… and darkness. Then darkness… then something like “Told’ya F is everything you thought we weren’t.” The F logo appears with a cool rumbling shake in blue sparks and flame… and finally, the Lexus logo and the LEXUS emblem appear with an innocent tinkering.
    THE END!

  5. ^blah… James Sloyan*
    And of course, Scott Pruett is the driver.

  6. @WorldofLuxury: I think you’ve gone off the deepend. LOL

  7. @WorldofLuxury: I think you’ve finally lost it.

  8. Lexus should promote @WorldofLuxury to head of marketing

  9. @krew, @James, @(Cj): aha Thanks, guys!

  10. @WorldofLuxury:
    pal, whatever you smoked to get you that way, give me some…i need it for a speech LOL
    nice thoughts though…i have an idea as well but i have to go somewhere and i will post it later.

  11. @LFAaddict: aha I’ve been clean all my life. Thanks.