Autoblog Reviews the 2010 Lexus LS 460 Sport

2010 Lexus LS 460 Sport

Autoblog has posted their review of the 2010 Lexus LS 460 Sport, where they were pleasantly surprised by the sedan’s newfound sportiness:

Approaching the first tight turn along this curvy hillside ribbon of asphalt, we instinctively wanted to tap into the upgraded Brembos to scrub off some momentum. Expecting a fair amount of body roll, we planned our line accordingly, but amazingly, the LS – with its re-calibrated suspension, beefier stabilizer bars and uprated shocks – was well planted and barely bobbed to either side. We pushed a little harder into the next bend and the stately sedan just hunkered down and carved a perfect arc. This can’t be right.

As the road straightened out we were scratching our head trying to figure out what just happened. Is this Lexus actually fun to drive? Did these seemingly minor suspension changes really transform the LS from a perfectly wonderful boulevard cruiser to a genuine back road bomber?

These positive reviews of the LS Sport are very exciting—with no (reported) sacrifice in ride quality, a tasteful body kit, a handsome interior color scheme with beautiful matte wood, and all the performance upgrades, there doesn’t seem to be a single drawback to this package.

Best of all, this bodes well for the future of the Lexus’ flagship sedan—maybe these performance upgrades should be standard.

(I also recommend going through the photo gallery, great detail photos in there.)

[Source: Autoblog]



  1. I’m surprise that they mention that the Sport version is on par with the 750i. The LS is a better looking sedan than the 750. haha.

  2. @emptystreets130: Agree with you, no question—but I imagine they’re talking about the vehicle’s performance, not the design. wink

  3. No, I was talking about the performance aspect of the LS Sport and how Autoblog compared it to the 750i in stock form.

  4. That was a nice read. The comments on AutoBlog made me happier.
    The color they got for the car is great. I am, once again, reminded of the LS’s beauty. The nose is sharp; the side has some beautiful curves, and the rear is nice and sturdy. However, I wish Lexus would make the next generation look less “tall-looking”. All the details are great from specific point-of-views (if not perfect), but when you change your viewpoint, certain designs are a bit odd.

  5. I’m hoping for the next LS to be an LS500 too! Anyway I doubt these upgrades will be standard when Lexus can just make it a $6K option and get more money from people raspberry. I have a GS now but I may consider an LS Sport once it’s available with AWD.

  6. is it me or what? it looks like camry… the “grill” a typical toyota design…

  7. @lexi: oh shut up LOL

  8. Not a fan of the matte finish wood, looks faux & painted on. I’ll take polished wood any day. Also the body kit looks tacky like an aftermarket job.
    Just an LS variant to fill a gap. sad

  9. @WorldofLuxury: Funny, I always thought the LS430 looked overly tall while the 460 looked lower than it is, in pictures or in person.

  10. I hope this sport variant evolves into a full F-performance model.

  11. @lexi: How does that resemble a Camry?

  12. @James: I agree that certain details do resemble a Camry, but the entire, final result is far from that of a Camry - mmajor deal breaker would be the more elegant curves complimented by the better paint-finish… and of course, good photography.

  13. LEXUSBOY:@WorldofLuxury: Funny, I always thought the LS430 looked overly tall while the 460 looked lower than it is, in pictures or in person.

    Yeah. The LS 430 looks even taller. Weird how visibility isn’t that much better while looks are simply a whole lot worse. (The interior does present a feeling of great all-round visibility though.)

  14. @WorldofLuxury: I guess your right. I few minor things do resemble each other. But for the most part they don’t really look that similar.

  15. Has Lexus taken the effort to contract Bangle? Considering Bangle’s theories, I think Bangle might as well design for the even more mass-produced automaker - Toyota. Read this great interview with Chris Bangle. Man, I miss him. Remember that there are two pages to the interview!