Lexus Japan IS 250 Black X Orange X-Edition

Lexus Japan has announced a new Lexus IS 250 X-Edition with a custom black interior with orange contrast stitching:

Lexus IS 250 X-Edition Orange x Black 1

Lexus IS 250 X-Edition Orange x Black 2

I’d like to see some higher resolution images to be sure, but I’m such a fan of these custom interiors. I hope this makes it to North America like the Passionate Black GS interior.

Japanese customers can choose this Black X Orange interior with Starfire Pearl, Glacier Frost Mica, Tungsten Pearl, Smoky Granite Mica, Obsidian and Matador Red exterior colors.

[Source: Lexus Japan]



  1. holy- they put my favorite IS color and my favorite IS interior and stitched it with my all time favorite color? i think i hear this thing calling my name…unfortunately, no wood or carbon fiber on the inside crying

  2. Is the leather of the seat shown in the bottom right-hand picture so supple that it looks like cloth, or is the appearance just a result of high-resolution picture amateurishly minimized? It looks like cloth.

  3. @WorldofLuxury: It is cloth. Lexus Japan offer many Grades in each of the models. Most have cloth as the least expensive version.

  4. @Eddie: I see… so Toyota provides high-class models in Japan with the Toyota badge while simultaneously offering low-in-luxury models with the Lexus badge. I hope it’s because other luxury brands do the same thing too in Japan. I wonder if it’s like that in Europe. Is that why we were told that the latest RX was gonna have leather seats removed from the list of standard luxuries?! Thank god it didn’t turn out to be like that for us.

    Wow. aha Lexus models in Japan can be customized to have the most unique appearance in more than one way. wink Interesting.

  5. I believe the Japanese consider cloth a luxury item over leather in most cases. I remember watching an article on the Toyota Century saying the cloth is preferred over leather because it does not make any noise when you are moving around or emits any odor and that it has a warm, inviting feeling.

    Toyota and Lexus (Japan) has always provided cloth as standard on their higher end vehicle such as the Century, Crown, GS and IS.

  6. @emptystreets130: Interesting. I remember seeing cloth in first-gen LS 400s badged as Toyotas in Japan, but awkwardly, they had a whole bunch of controls in the rear center console (power seats, massaging, heating, and so much more!). And that’s all I can say because in China, I just remember a whole bunch of (but not limited to) fully-loaded Toyota Crowns; in Japan, there were so many cars I didn’t recognize, but one thing I remember was that even the cheapest American compact came with GPS that detailed every building and leveled roads in 3D!

    I guess it’s all a culture thing. I love the smell of leather although my friends do make complaints about how leather seats are annoyingly slippery. They didn’t seem to mind the semi-aniline leather in some of the ES and IS loaners I had. I myself just enjoy how easy it is to scootch around in leather seats raspberry Of course, I wouldn’t mind “high-grade cloth” - not really sure what that is…, but I kinda do have an idea.

  7. WorldofLuxury:I hope it's because other luxury brands do the same thing too in Japan. I wonder if it's like that in Europe.

    I can’t speak for all of Europe, but locally the IS and GS300 (not 450/460 or any of the larger models) are available with cloth. However, these cars seem to get much lower second hand value than the ones with leather (who wants a stripped down Lexus?) so I don’t think they sell much.

    But as discussed in the GS rumors article, the competition offer smaller engine, less equipped entry models. So I guess Lexus does a similar thing not to end up way behind the competition in new car price comparisons and the like.