Lexus LFA to Appear on Top Gear

The Stig

It was inevitable—Lexus UK has announced that Top Gear driver The Stig has taken the LFA around the track for an upcoming episode of the British car show.

The Lexus UK Twitter account posted earlier today that a Stig lap at the Top Gear test track had taken place, but didn’t mention just how well the new supercar performed. A hint was later posted:

The Lexus LFA might (I did not say is) be slower around Top Gear test track than the R500, but the driver will be dry smile

The R500 in question is the Caterham Seven R500, currently 5th place on the Top Gear list and faster around the track than the Bugatti Veyron or Ferrari Enzo.

Very exciting news!

[Source: Lexus UK Twitter]

UPDATE: It’s been announced that the LFA will be appearing on the January 3rd show of Top Gear.



  1. I can’t wait for this episode.

    I wonder when it will air.

    I can’t wait to hear what Clarkson thinks of it.

  2. finally!!!! i can’t wait for it!! i’ve heard it will be tested by hammond, but i was hoping for clarkson…anyway i also heard that it will air in the UK on the 13th. can’t waiiiit!!!!

  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I wonder how much Lexus had to beg Top Gear for this publicity. Still, I’M SO EXCITED!

    @LFAaddict: If on the 13th, I’ll be there - on the Interweb LOL ! Thank god the LFA at the LA Auto Show will still be there when I visit on the 12th! Btw, that’s the one with the clear-coated, naked carbon fiber roof and spoiler. TWO VERY EXCITING DAYS!

  4. @ Laurens; next top gear is on the 20th of december…

  5. It’s been announced that the LFA will be appearing on the January 3rd show of Top Gear.

  6. @Kris: That’s right! aha
    @krew: so we have to wait after Christmas… and after New Years. Oh wells. At least I’ll be working and making the most of my available time while waiting for the episode rather than wasting my vacation for the episode.

  7. @krew: January 3rd might be the last episode of this series! Best for last!

  8. it’s almost that day and i cannot WAIT! ill be on youtube that day impatiently searching for the review…hope its good!:-D