Autoblog Reviews the 2010 Lexus GX 460

Autoblog 2010 Lexus GX 460

Autoblog has just published their first drive of the 2010 Lexus GX 460—here’s a excerpt of their impressions:

The engine feels strong on the road and the new six-speed transmission makes the most of that power. The cabin is quiet even when matting the throttle to the floor, and over the course of a 30-minute run down a blissfully traffic-free Southern California freeway, we never had to raise our voices to be heard. It’s sedan quiet and nearly sedan smooth.

The ranch route gave us a chance to try out the adjustable suspension settings, full-time four-wheel drive, crawl control feature and even the front and side wide-view cameras. The GX handled everything we threw at it with so much aplomb that we suddenly realized what this vehicle is all about…The fact that not many people will need to ford a stream or tackle a mud bog – let alone drop hay bales around their hilly 2,000 acre ranch – doesn’t negate the value of the GX 460.

Some other facts that jumped out: the current GX 470 currently holds a 25% share of the full-size luxury SUV market, and the entire 2009 US production allotment of the GX 470 were sold. This would explain the GX sales figures this year—there wasn’t enough supply.

(Perhaps the best part of Autoblog’s review is the photo gallery, some really nice detail photos.)


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  1. I love the new Sienna. So MANY TOYS (sorta)! It’s not as good as a cargo van with a decked out interior, but man…

    I can imagine a luxurious Lexus “grand-touring hatch” based on the long-wheelbase LS that would have the same price as the LS 460 L. That would certainly be a creative approach towards the E-class based CLS, the 5-series based 5-series GT, the Panamera, and the rather small Rapide. As a dreamer, I can see Lexus give the LS Grand Tourer “Shooting Brake” their full attention and ultimately ridding of the LS sedans. Lexus would have invented yet another whole new category in the luxury market!

    P.S.: When I look back to the LS debut, and particularly the LSh debut, I can say for sure that, overall, I am very proud of the design. The portion I love the most are the curves and strong shoulders that form the side of the LS (mainly the doors). Another would be those integrated tailpipes. Ultimately, the original LSh headlights are the favorite of mine.

  2. this is most beauty full car i have ever seen.
    i wish to have one

  3. I bought this car about a week ago.  So far I LOVE IT!!  I didn’t buy the Premium edition but did get the convenience package, NAV, Comfort Plus package and Preferred Accessory Package along with the cross bars on the roof and the Exhaust tip (because quite frankly the exhaust is ugly enough. I had to do something to jazz it up).

    From a “wow, that car looks really beefy and cool” factor the GX460, in my opinion, doesn’t score very high.  I wish it had wider flares above the tires.  That being said I just traded in a 2009 BMW X5 4.8i with 20” wheels that were extremely fat and very good looking so I am a little bias in this category.  Why I traded in a car that wasn’t a year old yet is an entirely separate conversation.  Let’s just say I was very unhappy with the whole iDrive interface.  In my personal opinion BMW should be sued over the representation of that.  Anyway, I digress….

    The Lexus is everything it claims to be.  The interior is a vast improvement from years past giving a much richer look. I bought my GX460 in black with the sephia (coco colored) interior. I love the color of the interior.  The screen is absolutely beautiful from both a NAV perspective as well as a backup camera perspective.  The audio is decent (I didn’t get the Marc Levinson sound) although not earth shattering great.

    The one thing that I’m still trying to figure out is how to program SAT1, SAT2 and SAT3 to be categories on the radio that are specific to me.  I guess that will be some weekend reading.

    The steering is a little loose for me as well, but then again I did just come from a BMW, which is known for their tight handling and road performance.  That is the one thing I miss, but you can’t have it all I guess. In my opinion Lexus would win over more SUV/Truck enthusiast if they were to tighten the steering on these types of vehicles.

    Summary,  I wish I would have bought this car before I bought my BMW and had to trade it in loosing my shorts.  This car is $20 grand lower than what my BMW cost me and all day long worth it compared to the BMW.  I recommend a buy rating on this

  4. @Scott: Thanks for the review Scott and congratulations on your new GX 460. smile

  5. @Scott: Fantastic insight, Scott, thanks for sharing! cool

  6. @Scott: Thanks for the review man. You said pretty much everything I wanted to know; you sincerity helped a lot, too.

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  9. @Scott: Thx for the review again Scott, I wouldn’t mind the ‘contradictory’ comment, it seems nonsensical and contradicts itself.

    Enjoy your new GX!

  10. @Scott: @Scott: Looking at a GX and your candid and specific feedback regarding your GX was most helpful. Thanks for sharing it with me.

    Mark LOL

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