Lexus December to Remember 2009 Commercials

The Christmas season is upon us, which means another round of Lexus USA commercials announcing their December to Remember sales event:

I’ve seen both a Hyundai and a Honda commercial mimicking this giant bow car surprise, making me wonder if this might be the last year we see Lexus using this theme. And yet, it’s certainly been a great success (December has now become the best month for luxury car sales)— and really, how else do you advertise a Christmas car purchase other than with a big red bow?



  1. wow, i love the commercials they made this year. but if i remember correctly, there was one where the whole neighborhood gathered up with seats and coffee to watch the big moment of a husband present an RX to his wife. does anybody remember?

  2. I like the RX one best as I want new RX hybrid raspberry
    i like the bow..i wish i had one when I picked up my ES, which happened to be the first night of Chanukah..

  3. A bowtie on an LFA would be nice:-D

  4. I agree Krew on this *possibly* being the last year for the red bow, however it is well known and likely a great marketing asset. BMW has a commercial out right now mocking the big red bow; at least its amusing, but its a bit sad on BMW’s part for having to resort to that level.

  5. The big red bow is definitely a classic, but I’ve always felt it’s a bit unrealistic. I understand some have actually done this (buying a Lexus or other car for someone as a present).

    But think about how disastrous that can be. Especially if said person has never sat in or driven the car in question. This goes for any make or model. If you’re not comfortable with the car—seated too low, legs too cramped, or whatever—you won’t likely be keeping it.

  6. IMO, the bows play a very small part in the overall theme of the commercials. the real theme is great memories with a lexus throughout the entire year as seen by the changing leaves and lighting.

    the bow itself is just on the lexus because its practically a lexus trademark

  7. @joshd: I like the RX one the best too.

  8. @Colin P.:
    well thats sort of why you need to ask the person randomly if they like Lexus…if i end up getting a Mercedes for a present i will know that my parents have not been here for 16 years. wink

  9. Great take on the commercials this year!

  10. What is the Charistmas song playing behind the first ad?

  11. Geez…I meant Christmas…where ARE those glasses?

  12. @Val: And to annoy you a little more, you spelled your “Name” differently in your two comments raspberry

  13. The ES looks great in that video, it always seems to have more road presence than the GS & IS (from a distance at least).

  14. @Colin P.: You’re right. A friend of mine once received an SC400 as a gift & she sold it right away. But I doubt many people will find a Lexus cramped or uncomfortable.

  15. @LFAaddict: Was it from this year? These are the only ones I’ve seen.

  16. I remember the ad where the whole street was watching, but that was several years ago.  Last year’s campaign was the ‘grown up best gift ever’ where they showed nostalgic “I want an Atari” / pony etc. ads of children and then they grew up and got a Lexus as a gift.

  17. Anyone who buys someone a car for Christmas has WAY too much money on their hands.

    Perhaps the single dumbest marketing campaigns ever, especially since they’re geared for less than 5 percent of overall society.

  18. Here’s a fun parody of these types of commercials we did!  Hope you like it! LOL

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  19. Thanks cool

  20. Great stuff !

  21. Andy:Here's a fun parody of these types of commercials we did!  Hope you like it! LOL

    Your text to link here…

    LOL that was a good parody!

  22. I think .The best way is to sell a car ad.

  23. Lexus always had great commercials, just wish their cars were more affordable.