Lexus November 2009 Sales Report

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Note: I’m going to try something new this month and collect worldwide Lexus sales in one post. This will be updated as country numbers become available.


Lexus USA has reported their sales numbers for November 2009:

November Year to Date
2009 2008 % CHG 2009 2008 % CHG
IS 2,851 2,749 12.7 33,924 45,893 -25.6
HS 1,407 0 N/A 4,719 0 N/A
ES 4,110 4,116 8.5 41,954 58,899 -28.3
GS 596 721 -10.1 6,367 14,559 -56.0
SC 34 83 -55.5 670 1,870 -63.9
LS 1,057 1,272 -9.7 9,249 18,804 -50.5
Total Cars 10,055 8,941 22.2 96,883 140,025 -30.3
RX 7,923 5,850 47.2 81,564 74,249 10.6
GX 209 1,008 -77.5 5,733 15,044 -61.6
LX 313 424 -19.8 3,230 7,407 -56.1
Total Trucks 8,445 7,282 26.1 90,527 96,700 -5.7
Total Sales 18,500 16,223 24.0 187,410 236,725 -20.3

The ES has joined the IS & RX on the positive side of the ledger, and most other models show a significant percentage increase compared to last month. Of course, much of this is due to how hard automotive sales were hit by economic meltdown in November 2008, but at least things are starting to look up.

And what can be said about the RX? What an absolute juggernaut. The only possible concern could be the RX 450h sales, which only accounted for 1,210 of the total 7,913 sales, but that could just as soon be due to supply.


Lexus Canada sold 1,283 vehicles, which set a record as the best-ever November. Some specifics:

  • 769 luxury SUVs (up 31.5% to set a new November record)
  • 514 luxury sedans (down 9.3%)

Canada doesn’t break numbers down by model, but it’s safe to say that the new RX also played a large role in this month’s success.


Lexus looks to be gaining some momentum in Japan, with sales of 4,617 vehicles. This is a 121.1% increase over November 2008.



  1. the RXh has always had sales that hovered around 1000 units

  2. oh guys! what´s up with the GS sedan? poor sales for such a nice sedan too drive. sad

  3. @Erich Kerner:
    The GS is on it’s 5th year and a new model will be out the end of next year. Until then expect low sales…

  4. these numbers really make me happy. the only ones losing sales are those in line for a redesign.i don’t get the GS though….

  5. Guys, what does the % CHG in the chart mean? It is not just plain difference explained in percents. Can someone provide an insight?

    For example:
    ES   4,110   4,116   8.5
    The gain of 6 cars where 4116 are overall sold is not 8.5% gain.

  6. @Ochiko:

    I think the percentages are calculated based on daily sales rate, the number of days when dealers where open. It varies because of how many weekend days/holiday break days there are in a month…

  7. @Ochiko: Dan is exactly right.

    For example, there were 23 selling days this month, compared to 25 selling days last November, which should explain the differences between the numbers.

  8. so isn’t 4,110 from this year compared to 4,116 from last year a percentage loss?:-o

  9. Yes, they sold six fewer units of the ES last month compared to Nov 2008, so how is that a gain in percentage ? mad

  10. LEXUS BOY:Yes, they sold six fewer units of the ES last month compared to Nov 2008, so how is that a gain in percentage ? mad

    It’s more like this. Since there were 25 selling days last year, take the number sold (4116) and divide that by 25. Since there were 23 selling days this year, take the number sold (4110) and divide that by 23. Last year there were 164.64 ESs sold every day, this year there were 178.70 ESs sold every day. That’s where the percentage gain comes from.

  11. @(Cj): Thanks, didn’t know that.