Jay Leno’s Garage Features Lexus LFA

Just got around to watching the Lexus LFA coverage on Jay Leno’s Garage and it’s well worth the time (even without Leno driving):

The side-long footage simulates what it might look like to pull beside the LFA, and also shows just how large the car really is (which is to say, not very). It’s also with this footage that the wheel design makes complete sense, it has a very attractive spin.



  1. NIce!

    I hope the rear license plate doesn’t clang at every pothole.

  2. well it looks like Leno will get one and Justin..so that makes 148 available.  raspberry

  3. Great video, a bit sad Leno didn’t drive it himself…i really, really, REALLY want to see Jeremy Clarkson drive this, i seriously can’t wait very long…;-)