Lexus ES 350 Commercial: 40,000 Hours

Here’s the new commercial for the 2010 Lexus ES 350:

This commercial stays with the look of the latest LS commercial, and has a “behind-the-scenes” feel. Not sure I believe that’s what the Lexus test-facilities look like, though.

(A note: I recently spotted a 2010 ES at my local dealership, and was pleased to see that the new foglight design doesn’t stand out as much as they appeared to in photos. Overall, the changes may be minimal, but they’re tastefully done and upgrade the ES design.)



  1. I saw one near my city. It looked okay - a little more sophisticated in appearance than the previous generation but not necessarily better. Lexus seems to be either redefining the idea of jewel-like headlights or hmm… a hybrid ES is coming? Think of the differences between the RX’s and RXh’s foglights.

    I still wished that the foglights, in the form that it is in right now, were a little sharper and have a little more emotional appeal than just looking like something stolen from a toy car.

    Btw, they really gotta work on the taillights. I hate it when taillights don’t have a smooth transition from piece to piece, when reflectors take up a big chunk of the cluster or when they take up awkward positions, and when they look like demon eyes (e.g. the ES). You can’t even see the L’s in the taillights!

  2. The engine noise is pretty nice - hehe, it sounded so cute when it changed gears but sounded nice too.

  3. oh and I like how the GS and ES dashes face towards the driver a bit.

  4. I like the commercial but not the car. I just turned in my ES for a GS and am amazed at how cheap the ES feels. Granted the GS does cost a fair bit more. The ES really needs a more “solid” feel to it, it feels very plastic and flimsy. Just not something I would expect from Lexus.

  5. I agree with you although I’m not too sure. I always thought the awkward feeling in the ES loaners was because the ES was very light - so much lighter than my LS. The interior is alright except for the fact that the wood on the center console appear kinda cheap, but I love the ES with semi-aniline leather, especially the leather covered armrest on the doors. Of course, it’s kinda awkward to see the huge decrease in wood grain when moving from the previous generation ES to the current generation’s (although I didn’t like how the extra wood on the old model reflected all the sunlight into my eyes), but I don’t know about you, man, but I love the design around the Nav in the ES.

    But of course, the GS has a much nicer armrests in the middle and on the sides as well having more wood and leather than the ES. (The center console of the GS, awkwardly, seems to have a lot of BMW influences, especially when you consider how the center console wood has a nice, thick, blocky appearance)

    KREW: Do I spy the predecessor of the Remote Touch?!

  6. sorry krew. another comment
    Do I see a beautiful LED strip at the bottom of the headlights with a beautiful, ambient fade?

    I guess Lexus is sticking to white light.

  7. i dont think its an LED strip, just a reflection from the bi xenons

  8. aha maybe

  9. The rear end of the ES could be better imo…i dont really like the taillights on the car. But the front looks great.

    Lexus really need to offer up some bigger rims and thin tires to make this car look really good from factory. I cant stand these 17 inch rims with huge tires -__- I would like some 18 or 19 at least. The Es has a great body but the tiny wheel dont carry it off that well.

  10. problem is that on this generation, they already changed hte tires from 60 to 55 series, which has already made it more “sporty” than it has been in the past. with standard 18"s, some people would complain about the harsh ride.

  11. This youtube link for the same ad says that the ad was made using Windshear, a rolling wind tunnel:

    Interesting, I thought it was computer generated.

  12. Ya, i was interested in that.What was it for??

  13. The engine noise was computer generated.

  14. C’mon man. Do you have to ruin it every single time?

  15. Ruin it?? I’m just stated facts. It’s the same track used in some of the GS and IS ads….

  16. Let me have my moment. Show some feelings, man, and understand. From all the photoshopping and everything, I think I can make the same inference too. I think I am less of a Lexus fanatic than you are an anti-Lexus half-wit.

  17. I’m not an anti-lexus. You are the most narrow minded person I’ve talked to on here.

  18. also point out a post where I was anti-lexus. I never expressed my hate for Lexus. I’m a huge fan of the older SC, GS and IS. Where is the anti-lexus in that. I think you’re more anti-everything but Lexus.

  19. aha ahem hypocrite

  20. Ok, let’s keep it civil—everyone’s entitled to their opinion and debate is encouraged, I just don’t want to see any name-calling.

  21. Yes, Krew, sir.