Behind-the-Scenes of Lexus ES 350 Slice Commercial

Speaking of “behind-the-scenes” and Lexus ES commercials—here’s a real backstage pass to the work that went into creating one of my favorite Lexus commercials. First, the commercial (in poor quality):

Next, here’s the process of creating a real “sliced” ES 350:

The lengths that (Lexus USA advertising agency) Team One goes through to get these commercials just right is astounding—I just can’t believe it wasn’t all done by computer.



  1. heck i would love to see them just the power saw the thing in pieces and put glass up so pieces don’t fall out- as the actual commercial!

  2. poor car

  3. Is Sloyan back?

  4. nope, that’s just an old commercial. the new guy isn’t even that other James guy, I don’t even know who he is but he sounds good.They sound pretty similar but the new guy has more power and stamina…plus he’s not a wheezing geezer.

  5. I like the debut ads for the ES 350 best…the ones with the goosebumps, the factory robots caressing the car, etc.

  6. Very cool!! Thank you for posting the video of the making. My friends at B.A.D. did the the car prep for the Slice!!