The Lexus LF-Ch Design Story

Also out today is a video from Toyota’s Calty Design Research on the design of the Lexus LF-Ch:

Nice to see the people behind the designs, even if the video plays like an automotive design school advertisement.

(A funny thought: even though the LF-Ch has taken a back seat to the LFA in recent days, in the end, chances are most of us will see a production LF-Ch in real life before we ever see an LFA. )



  1. I wanna visit that place. Can’t believe how many times I’ve passed it.

  2. i think i love this video so much because this is pretty much my job in 8 years LOL

  3. Go for it if you wish to do so, but look at Chris Bangle. He’s pretty brave for approving what people would have never considered acceptable for a production car… then he gets in fights with the engineers at BMW.

    There’s a high chance that you, or maybe Calty Design Research as a whole, might never feel satisfied with the Japanese people on the higher levels disagreeing with you. Think Jim Press.

  4. yeah, i always thought about the issues. but heck, if they nudge me i’ll throw my hat down and go to another company and put in my best work, and if they want to hire me back i expect 5% payroll increase wink

  5. I don’t know… if it weren’t for Bangle, BMW wouldn’t have been so successful - total blame on BMW’s engineering department. Best of luck to Bangle although I wish would return to automotive design and come to Lexus!

  6. Neat vid, and I think Calty Design should contribute to Lexus designs as much as possible…the first SC by them was a classic.  No Bangle needed! 

    Just wondering how much L-finesse was applied here…there definitely are shared cues, but it seems this concept was more independently conceived.