2009 Lexus SEMA Showcase Video

Along with the usual press photos, Lexus has also put together a video showing their stable of customized SEMA cars:

It’s a nice lineup of cars this year, though I would have preferred to see more done with the GS. Also, I hope the wheels on the TRD (orange) IS-C make it into the F-Sport lineup (though I can’t say the same for the GS’ customized grille).



  1. when I think of lexus i don’t really think of crazy customizations…more of which country club should I join… raspberry
    I did like the GS and green IS convertible.

  2. take the white ISC, take off that line from the tail light to the rear tires, and that’s what the stock ISC should be. absolutely beautiful.

  3. For most models, I would agree, but the IS & GS are perfect for an event like this—especially with all the new F-Sport accessories.