SEMA 2009 Lexus Car Guide

Lexus SEMA 2009

SEMA, the annual automotive specialty products tradeshow, starts tomorrow, and will feature seven Lexus automobiles, including the North American debut of the LFA and the winner of the SEMA Showcase contest—here’s a full breakdown of the participating vehicles:


Lexus IS 300 by David Huang

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David Huang invested over $100,000 in his IS 300 and it shows. Dubbed the “IS 1000,” this Lexus SEMA Showcase winner features an estimated 1,000-horsepower engine, custom color-shift Midnight Purple paint, custom body and frame work and custom suspension.


  • JDM 2004 ARISTO 2JZ-GTE w/ VVTi
  • JDM Work 20-inch VS-XX anodized-chrome with BF Goodrich KDW/TA tires
  • JDM ENDLESS rotors and calipers
  • JDM Zeal Function X’s coilovers
  • JDM HKS purple sway bars and Kansai rear strut tower bar


Lexus IS 250C by 0-60 Magazine and Design Craft Fabrication

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This isn’t your average IS Convertible. It’s 0-60 Magazine’s IS Coupe, a more aggressive, performance-enhanced luxury two-door.


  • Greedy Performance exhaust system, engine management computer and gauges
  • Advan Racing Lightweight one piece racing wheels with Continental Performance tires
  • Brembo Brakes with custom front and rear Big Brake kit (rotors and calipers)
  • KW coilover suspension system
  • Ings+1 exterior body kit


Lexus IS 350C by VIP Auto Salon &

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While many custom-car builders prefer extreme designs, VIP Auto Salon and took a more subtle approach with their IS 350 C. Requiring approximately $15,000 and about one and one-half months of hard labor, the Matador Red IS C features a carbon-fiber hood, carbon-fiber trunk spoiler, a high-performance exhaust system, and custom tires and wheels..


  • Performance Tube Systems Joe Z series True Dual Header back exhaust system and intake pipe
  • TOMS drop in air filter, linear throttle system and fuel map controller
  • Work Gnosis GS3 MDB finish with Hankook Tires Ventus V12
  • Down Force, Inc. carbon fiber lip kit, eye lines and trunk spoiler
  • Seibon carbon fiber hood, matte black emblems, grille and mirror trim
  • Black leather accents supplied by Katzkin with stitching by Coach Auto Style


Lexus IS 350C by Fox Marketing

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It’s not everyday you see an IS 350 C sporting “Foxy Green” paint and a Seibon carbon-fiber rear wing—unless you happen to be Brian Fox of Fox Marketing. With custom IS F front fenders and side skirts, accented with custom black performance wheels by iForged Sprint, this is one IS C that refuses to be ignored.


  • ProCharger C-2 Blower
  • iForged Spring wheel
  • F-Sport Big Brakes 14 inch six piston calipers
  • Yonaka SPECII 36-way adjustable coilovers
  • Custom lip molded front spoiler, IS F front fenders, IS F side skirts, two-inch fender flares, rear bumper flare and SEIBON carbon rear wing


Lexus IS 350C F-Sport by TRD

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As if gracing this IS 350 C with every F-Sport accessory available wasn’t enough, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) took it to the next level with a Vibrance Orange Glow candy paint job and ground effects by Five Axis.


  • F-Sport ten spoke 19-inch forged aluminum wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport
  • F-Sport performance front and rear brake upgrade kit
  • F-Sport, shocks, lowering spring set and sway bar set
  • Five Axis four-Piece ground effects kit
  • PPG Vibrance Orange Glow three-stage candy paint


Lexus GS 350 F-Sport by TRD

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Toyota Racing Development (TRD) pushed their GS 350 to the limits, loading it up with virtually every F-SportTM performance accessory available, including an F-Sport lowering spring set and F-Sport performance brakes. Also featured: a four-piece ground effects kit and grille insert by Five Axis and a three-stage Vibrance Orange Glow candy paint job to match their IS C F-Sport.


  • F-Sport 19-inch forged aluminum wheels with Yokohama Advan Sport Ultra-high Performance tires
  • F-Sport Performance front and rear brake upgrade kit
  • F-Sport shocks and lowering spring set
  • Five Axis four-piece ground effects kit and grille insert
  • PPG Vibrance Orange Glow three-stage candy paint

Lexus LFA



The first Lexus supercar, the LFA serves as the flagship for the F portfolio of Lexus performance models and redefines the supercar for the 21st century. The Lexus F brand complements the core Lexus DNA by emphasizing serious performance. The LFA was carefully developed from a blank canvas by a small and dedicated team of hand-picked engineers that pushed every possible dynamic boundary. All 500 LFA supercars will be hand-assembled by skilled technicians in the “Lexus LFA Works” at the Motomachi Plant in Toyota City at a rate of no more than 20 per month.


  • 4.8L V10 engine that generates 552 horsepower
  • Six-speed Automated Sequential Gearbox with blazing-quick paddle-activiated shifts
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy suspension components complemented by Carbon Ceramic Material brake discs
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer construction for its chassis and bodywork
  • Forged aluminum knuckles and suspension arms, and hollow anti-roll bars 20-inch forged aluminum wheels with asymmectric tread pattern Bridgestone tires

[Source: Lexus]



  1. holy snot!!! that white ISC is amazing!! and the Fox Marketing ISC!!! finally!!! adding those intakes on the hood makes A HUGE improvement! and that lower stance is what they needed! and that first IS1000 is amazing! not my choice of color but wow

  2. I was surprised to see all these pictures on Lexus’ press site - they won’t let me post any comments on there. Fox… no hardwood floor? lol I remember.

    Quick question though: how heavy is the molding that was used to even out the extended wheel flares? Are the larger flares on the two sides of equal dimensions and weight?

  3. im sorry, but while it is impressive to have 1000hp in an IS300, spending 100K on it is pretty stupid. lol

  4. ^This^

  5. Not feeling the TRD ISC….the rims dont seem right and the bodykit seems like cheap mag add ons and TRD? Whats TRD about it? Nothing on the car says TRD….

    The GS is wonderful but that’s the worse grill I have ever seen on a car…..

    The Green ISc is just a little too much for me…

    But all nice cars anyway that IS300 is kick-fckin ass.

    The LF-A is King Lexus tho! and wait… LS ?

  6. As the owner of an IS300, that first one makes me throw up in my mouth a little. The chromies alone make me want to gouge my eyes out. Poor car…

  7. Toyota Racing Development (TRD) is responsible for Lexus’ line of F-sport accesories. I would prefer the vehicle to say F-sport hither and thither instead of TRD, which you’d find on Tundras.

    I too am surprised to not find the LS featured by Lexus even though that previous generation IS is. I guess Lexus knows that there still are fans out there who really liked the first generation IS’s performance.

    Hehe Aside from the LFA, the GS is the only one that didn’t get a photoshoot next to a harbor. I like how the private jet next to it follows the theme of “jets make all cars look cool (and expensive).”

  8. NVM! I didn’t know that the IS 300 was part of Lexus’ SEMA Showcase competition. And boy did he spend a lot of money on it.

    Too bad all the JDM products are illegal in the US. I would’ve given him more credit if he displayed the Lexus insignia.

  9. I like how so many automakers are taking the SEMA auto show even more seriously.

    In a way, the motor show is very befitting place for Lexus. They should take the LX and give it extra performance while giving it more luxurious ammenities - something to show off to the fans - a car that is the perfect garage mate for the LFA.

  10. I gotta start thinking and consolidating before I leave all these comments…

    Anyways, the GS F-sport might have cool exterior touches, but it is ironic how it appears to be a car trying to be something that die-cast cars try so hard to avoid.

  11. Definitely not digging the GS’ grille—but I do like the TRD IS-C wheels. I bet those wheels would look great on the GS.

  12. Haha, hilarious. The GS does look like a diecast and so does this IS-C.

  13. Agree, SEMA is definitely gaining a lot of traction with automakers, it’s a great place to show off some wilder concepts.

    (And don’t forget about last year’s matte black LX, which would definitely look nice in the garage next to a LFA.)

  14. And maybe give it real carbon fiber this time, as well as solid, aluminum interior door handles wrapped in leather, and some extra carbon fiber bits.

  15. yeah. definitely one of those vehicles that might look cool in auto shows with all the lighting but can also get boring after so many variants dilute the look. and in real life… uh oh.

  16. They look more like polished aluminum to me.

  17. I saw the IS300 at HIN 2006. It didn’t look like that back then. It was more conservative. It still doesn’t look too bad but I did like the previous rims. I believe the same owner also has a 2006 IS350 which was shown at HIN 2007.

    I like the F-Sport ISC and GS but it just bugs me how Lexus doesn’t actually sell everything on there that they show, mainly the lip kit. They’ve been showing Five Axis lip kits on the GS and IS this past year but it’s not even available for purchase. Don’t know why Lexus don’t offer lip kits for those cars.

    No ISF or LS? The cars for this year still look great though.