Lexus LFA Carbon Fiber Creation Video

Here’s a video that shows the machine responsible for the Lexus LFA’s dual-carbon fiber A-pillars:

Called a rotary weaver, this machine is of only two such devices in existence, and is used expressly for the creation of the carbon fiber components of the LFA. Hard to imagine what else this machine will create—the possibilities are endless and may end up justifying the LFA’s cost all on its own.

Update: The video has been pulled by Lexus, will update once another source is found.

Update 2: Found a version of the video on Youtube, and have updated the post.

[Via: Jalopnik]



  1. Lexus has requested the removal of the video, but I’ve seen it already… many times, and it sure is one beautiful masterpiece - love the sounds it makes. This is Lexus R&D at the best not only because it benefits the company but also because that the Lexus enthusiasts can actually feel the advancements.

  2. did you get this from it should work there

  3. On the Science Channel I recently saw an episode of “How It’s Made” that demonstrated this exact form of rotary weaving of fire-resistant materials to make sheathing for copper wire bundles (such as you might find on your kitchen oven, or for use under the hood of a car.)  Such sheathing provides both abrasion protection and thermal protection for the wire bundle, and the sheathing is intended to remain flexible for the lifetime of the wire bundle.

    But what’s fascinating here is Lexus’s adoption of this technique to weave and then cure carbon fiber material for structural components (such as door pillars).  Such structural components could reduce overall vehicle weight and be impervious to corrosion.

  4. Isn’t carbon fiber vulnerable towards sudden hammering and tiny rocks that are picked up by the car in front?